You want an Air Rifle? No, You’ll shoot your eye out kid!

I bet you didn’t know that the lineage of air rifles can be traced back over 200 years. Obviously, some things have been improved upon, what with the invention of pressurized CO2 and tactical optics; but their premise is still the same: shoot powerfully, yet quietly.

With a weapon so simple, there are a surprisingly large number options to consider when picking gun. Our hand-picked list of the best air rifle pellet guns below is exactly what you need to put your mind at ease. If you’re a little rusty, pickup some targets while you’re at it. Happy Shooting!

The Best Air Rifles

best air rifle black ops

Black Ops Break Barrel

  Editors Choice  

The Black Ops Break Barrel Sniper Rifle is a top performing air pellet rifle that comes with the added bonus of its cool tactical look. This is a very high powered gun that is designed to impress you just as much with its shooting abilities as it is with its looks. Built out of a spring piston technology, the Black Ops is capable of sending .22 caliber pellets downrange at over a thousand feet per second. This kind of power makes the Black Ops a perfect choice for pest control around your homestead, and the fact that it’s silent makes it a superior option for this than an actual firearm so you won’t disturb your neighbors. The Black Ops additionally comes equipped with a 4×3 scope that is fully adjustable to ensure accuracy and precision, an adjustable bipod that allows you to shoot while prone, a picatinny rail for adding additional accessories such as flashlights or lasers, and an adjustable cheek rest. Last but not least, the Black Ops ships with a one year warranty for both the actual rifle and the accessories that are included as part of the package.

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best air rifle beeman

Beeman HW97K

If you’re looking for the best pellet gun money can buy, you’ve found it. Most people don’t have the budget for the Weihrauch’s hand crafted design, but in the chance you do, you won’t be disappointed. This gun boasts a FPS speed of 930, and the adjustable trigger makes it an excellent choice for plinking target competitions, or shooting varmints on the move. The Monte Carlo stock has a raised cheek piece which allows for easy ambidextrous shooting. The stock is capped with a soft rubber pad to give you the ultimate control.

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best air rifle crosman CFRNP17SX

Crosman CFRNP17SX

  Best for the Money  

The Crosman CFRNP17SX Fire Nitro Piston is a .177 caliber air pellet rifle that can send pellets downrange at a whopping twelve hundred feet per second when using alloy ammunition. Even though the .177 pellets are lighter and smaller than the .22 caliber pellets that are also commonly used in pellet air rifles, the fact that the CFRNP17SX offers this kind of firepower is incredible. But there are a number of features that make this rifle an appealing choice beyond its high feet per second. It ships with a Center Point 4x32mm rifle school as well as rifled steel barrel; both of these things together will ensure amazing accuracy. It also comes installed with a synthetic, all-weather stock so you can use this air rifle out in harsh conditions, an ambidextrous safety for both right or left handed shooters, and an adjustable two stage trigger to give you the best shooting experience possible.

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best air rifle crosman m4-177

Crosman M4-177

Crosman is a big name in the air shooting world and it’s easy to see why. They make excellent quality products and the result is that they have been highly successful across the globe. As the name of this particular Crosman rifle suggests, the outside design of it is based off of the AR-15/M4 style of platform. If you already own an AR-15 or are at least familiar with it, then the Crossman M4-177 will be a great training option for you. Granted, this rifle is not semi-automatic, but rather utilizes a fully ambidextrous pump action. The M4-177 will deliver velocities of over six hundred and sixty feet per second with .177 pellets. The M4-177 is also just as adaptable as the M4 thanks to the Picatinny rails for adding accessories, a removable stock for making upgrades, and removable front and rear sights. The magazine only holds five rounds, but it holds a BB reservoir of three hundred and fifty rounds. Additional neat features of the M4-17 include the adjustable elevation pin, rifled barrel, and adjustable dual aperture windage.

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best air rifle ruger blackhawk

Ruger Blackhawk

Ruger is a name that you’re probably already familiar with, as they are one of the biggest American firearms manufacturers in the entire world. But does the Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle live up to the high standards that Ruger has set? Well, there are a number of features to strongly suggest it does. The Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle is capable of sending .177 caliber pellets flying at your target at one thousand feet per second. This makes the Blackhawk just as good a choice for pest control as it is for plinking. The Blackhawk also whips with a 4×32 scope with a ¼ MOA and a Duplex retcile sighting system. In other words, it’s a more advanced scope than many other air rifles ship with.

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best air rifle gamo varmint

Gamo Varmint

If you’re looking for a rifle that provides you with just the right balance between velocity and accuracy, then you’ve come to the right place with the Gamo 6110017154 Varmint Air Rifle. This rifle was designed specifically for both recreational shooting and for dealing with pests and varmints such as snakes, birds, mice, or rats. Chambered in .177 caliber, the Gamo 6110017154 will hurl pellets at this varmints with a feet per second rate of twelve hundred and fifty, which is just incredible performance for any air rifle. Additional features that make the 6110017154 worth your serious consideration include the standard trigger and recoil pad, 4×32 scope, and the one year warranty. All in all, this is a very versatile air pellet rifle that will do everything you could reasonably expect an air rifle to do.

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best air rifle gamo whisper

Gamo Raptor Whisper

While the Varmint Air Rifle from Gamo is a great choice for an air rifle, if you desire more power and want to upgrade from .177 up to .22 caliber, then you should turn your attention to the Gamo 6116795554 Raptor Whisper Air Rifle. This is an advanced rifle that uses an Inert Gas Technology (IGT) to send .22 caliber pellets downrange at nine hundred and seventy five feet per second. As the term ‘Whisper’ in its name suggests, this is a very silent air rifle thanks to its noise dampener technology that reduces noise by up to fifty two percent. Additional qualities of the Raptor Whisper that you are sure to like include the two stage adjustable trigger, annual safety, textured pistol group, ambidextrous cheek rests for more stable shooting, 4×32 scope, and the one year warranty.

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best air rifle benjamin titan GP

Benjamin Titan GP

The Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle represents a solid choice if you’re on the market for a .22 caliber air rifle. Even though this rifle features no open sights, which may be a letdown to some, it makes up for it with its Center Point 4×32 Scope and thumbhole stock that helps ensure a more comfortable and stable shooting position. The trigger is also a two stage version and is fully adjustable so you can shorten the amount of take up. Total weight of this rifle is just less than seven pounds, which is definitely on the heavier side for an air pellet rifle but the trade off is it will feel more solid and sturdy in your hands. Additional characteristics of the Benjamin Titan for you to consider include the dual raised cheek pieces to make it easier for you to peer down your scope, a gas piston system, and a one year limited warranty.

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best air rifle umarex

Umarex Targis Hunter

The Rugger Targis Hunter Air Gun Combo from Umarex is so named because you’ll receive both a .22 caliber pellet rifle and a 4×32 scope with mounts. The Rugger Targis Hunter is fully capable of sending these pellets downrange at one thousand feet per second, which is very fast for a .22 rifle. The added benefit though is the silence air noise dampening system that Umarex has installed on this rifle so you don’t run the risk of disturbing your neighbors or anybody else in your general area. This makes the Rugger Targis Hunter a superb choice for both varmint control and shooting. Utilizing a spring pistol break barrel and a single shot cocking mechanism, a two stage adjustable trigger, and an all-weather stock that makes it a suitable choice for tough conditions, the Rugger Targis Hunter is an all-around excellent option for a .22 caliber pellet rifle.

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best air rifle benjamin trail nitro

Benjamin Trail Nitro

The top-selling air rifle from Benjamin, the Trail Nitro Pistol Air Rifle is also the very first air rifle from Benjamin to be installed with the 2014 Nitro Piston 2 system. What this means for you is an enhanced and adjustable two stage trigger that also delivers more energy out the barrel; the Trail Nitro will send .22 caliber pellets downrange at twelve hundred feet per second. This kind of power not only makes the Benjamin a rock solid choice for pest control, it also makes it an excellent option for small game hunting as well. The integrated noise suppression technology also means that you won’t be disturbing anybody nearby while you’re going out about your business, and the precision rifle steel barrel helps to ensure accuracy. An added benefit to the Benjamin Trail is its ten pound reduction in force when cocking the weapon for each new shot, so you’ll be feeling a lot less worn out when you use this weapon.

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best air rifle diasy 880

Daisy 880

The Daisy Outdoor Products 880 Rifle in .177 caliber is a multi-pump pneumatic air gun that is designed to shoot both metal BB’s and .177 caliber pellets for added versatility. While pellets are great for varmint control and small game hunting, they’re also more expensive and are not always the best option when it comes to casual plinking. The fact that the 880 rifle gives you both options alone should make it worth your consideration. The 880 rifle holds up to fifty BB’s or a single pellet at a time, and will deliver a maximum velocity of eight hundred feet per second. Additional features of the 880 include adjustable rear sights and a wood grained molded Monte Carlo style of stock.

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best air rifle crosman optimus

Crosman Optimus

Another excellent option for an air rifle from Crosman is their Optimus Break Barrel Air Rifle chambered in .177 caliber. This rifle is the perfect combination of elegance and power. It’s elegant thanks to its very handsome hardwood stock, and also powerful thanks to the fact that it can send pellets downrange at a velocity of one thousand feet per second or alloy pellets at an even greater velocity of twelve hundred feet per second. When you don’t desire a scope to use for shooting, the Optimum Break Barrel Air Rifle will still be very accurate and precise with open sights thanks to its adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight. The trigger is a two stage adjustable version for a more pleasurable shooting experience. Total length of the rifle is forty five inches with a weight of just over seven pounds.

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best air rifle big cat

Gamo Big Cat 1200

This is the 3rd Gamo air gun to make this list, are you starting to sense a trend? Chances are you can’t go wrong with the Gamo brand for your weapon. The Big Cat features Big Power, boasting over 1250 feet per second. The stock is made from a weather resistant synthetic blend making supremely rugged. The simple profiled scope features 4x magnification zoom so stationary or moving targets are no problem for this weapon. .177 and .22 Caliber options available.

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best air rifle rws 22

RWS .22

The RWS model 34 marries the classic air gun look, with modern functionality by German craftsmen. This rifle features a hardwood stock, a two-stage adjustable trigger, and an adjustable rear sight. Both the .177 and .22 calibers are great options for accurate shooting moving targets, be it varmints or plinking metal targets. The easy to use break-style rifle is a great option for any outdoorsman.

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best air rifle diasy 880

Hatsan 95

The Hatsan 95 Air Rifle Combo is a break barrel, single shot air rifle chambered in .177 caliber. As part of the package, you will receive an adjustable 3-9×32 Optima scope, which is a much higher quality and more adjustable scope than you may be used to on other air rifles. But even if you don’t desire to use optics, you’ll still have the fully adjustable TruGlo fiber optic rear sight and the fixed TruGlo fiber optic front sight as backup options. A number of added attributes make the Hatsan 95 a very compelling choice for an air rifle, including the fact that it ships with a mount and a hex wrench for adding the scope, scope lens covers, a rubber recoil pad that uses a shock absorber system (SAS), checkered pistol grip, ambidextrous automatic safety, Turkish walnut stock, and a one year limited warranty.

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