Picture This: You’re trolling along on a perfect sunny day when you feel a monster fish take the line. You slow down the boat as you rapidly reel him in, and just as you get him near the boat, he snaps the line.

Fish: 1, Fisherman: 0

The story above was all too common complaint amongst fisherman, which is why braided fishing lines were created. Big fish have finally met their match. Below, we’ve hand-picked the best braided lines to buy before you next fishing outing. These lines provide anglers with superior strength and control unmatched by normal single stranded lines. Now the only problem is you can no longer tell your fishing buddies the story about the big one that got away!

The Best Braided Fishing Lines

best braided fishing line sufix 832

Sufix 832

  Editors Choice  

The Sufix 832 is a braided line, but what sets it apart from other braided lines are the materials that are incorporated into the braid as well as the braiding process itself. 832 line combines seven Dyneema fibers with one GORE performance fiber. The Dyneema fibers give this line a small diameter, great strength, and high sensitivity. The GORE fiber gives the line more abrasion resistance, extra casting distance and accuracy, and noise and vibration reduction. GORE is the company behind the famed GORE-TEX, and they have extremely rigorous testing protocols. These fibers are combined using the R8 Precision Braiding process, which improves strength, roundness, and line consistency. Customers rave about how far they can cast with the Sufix 832, and praise its strength, sensitivity, small diameter, and lack of “bird’s nests.” About the only complaint people have is that sometimes the line does not hold its color well.

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best braided fishing line tuf line xp

Tuf-Line XP Spectra

The Tuf-Line XP Spectra uses “Tension Lock Technology” to compact fibers during the finishing process, which results in a rounder profile. The XP’s coating is bonded with the fibers, resulting in a long life. In addition, this coating means that the line color won’t fade like many other braided lines do. Reviews have been pleased with the durability of this Western Filament product, with some anglers using this product for almost 10 years. Anglers also appreciate its castability and sensitivity. The XP is nearly zero stretch, UV resistant, and naturally waterproof. It comes in blue, green, white and yellow, and in break strengths between 6 and 250 lbs.

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best braided fishing line kastking fortis

KastKing Fortis

This cooler is a classic, first developed over 60 years ago. It is a great cooler for bringing to a tailgate-it can hold up to 85 cans and it is tall enough to fit a 2-liter bottle inside. This cooler is strong enough to sit on while you enjoy one of your cold beverages. The latch and the handles are made of stainless steel. (Although some customers think that the latch is not as effective as the older Coleman latches). It has a channel drain to pour out water without having to tilt the cooler. This is certainly a cooler to check out if you are looking to get value for your money. It will keep your drinks cool for a weekend, is only 19 pounds for easy maneuverability, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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best braided fishing line jbraid

Daiwa J-Braid

The Diawa J-Braid gets high marks for its strength and smoothness. Customers like how well it casts and that it holds its color relatively well. They also praise the relatively low price for such a quality product. The 8-Strand stands for the 8 strands of tightly woven fibers Diawa uses to construct the line. It comes in dark green for camouflage, chartreuse for high-visibility, and multi-color. The multi-color option is interesting, as the line changes color every 10 meters, allowing the angler to ascertain water depth and line movement. It comes in 8 to 80- pound test strength.

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best braided fishing line power pro spectra

Power Pro Spectra

Power Pro bills the Spectra as a braided line that handles like mono. Its “Enhanced Body Technology” gives you an abrasion resistant line with minimal stretch and enhanced sensitivity. It is very thin, even compared to other braided lines let alone monofilament. That means you can get more line on your reel. Large line capacity is especially important in salt water fishing, where long casts are often needed and fish are larger and can make big runs. It also means you can use a smaller reel as you won’t need such a large spool to hold enough line. Spectra comes in a wide variety of tensile strength, from 8 to 150 pounds. You can also get it in four colors-moss green, hi-vis yellow, multi-color, and vermillion red.

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best braided fishing line piscifun

Piscifun Braided Fishing Line

Piscifun braided line is a good choice for those concerned about cost. It provides good quality for a good price. Customers are generally satisfied with the strength and thinness of the line. Many anglers find that it performs similarly to more expensive competitors. Pound tests up to 50 pounds are constructed of 4 strands of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fibers, while those lines over 50lbs are consist of 8 strands. An epoxy coating improves abrasion resistance and helps the line keep its color. It also comes in seven distinct colors, which is more than many other brands.

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best braided fishing line spiderwire

Spider Wealth Superline

One of the issues that braided line has is that it is more visible in the water than other line choices. Spiderwire Braided Stealth attempts to address this problem by introducing a fluorocarbon element into the Dyneema PE Microfiber construction. This makes the line less visible underwater, which translates into more strikes than with regular braided line. It also means that the Stealth will fray and break a bit more easily than a straight-up braided line. Take that into account when tying your knots and fishing with this line. Customers like how the Stealth casts quietly and casts well. It is also UV resistant so it will last a long time.

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best braided fishing line power pro 8

Power Pro Super Slick

If you are searching for an easily castable line, you should check out the Power Pro Super 8 Slick. It is a very smooth line and feels broken in right out of the box. It shoots well off the reel and through the line-you can cast it very far. It uses 8 fibers in the line construction, and is designed to reduce friction and line noise. Some people feel that the line gets wind knots a little too much. You can get the Super 8 Slick in Hi-Vis Yellow, Marine Blue, Timber Brown, and Aqua Green. You can get it in 10 to 80 pound tests.

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best braided fishing line samurai braid

Daiwa Samurai

The Diawa Samurai is a very thin braided line, designed for less friction for longer casts, reduced line noises, and a faster sink rate. Get your crankbait or jig down deep quickly! It is an 8-fiber braided line, and since it is smaller than comparable lines, you can get more line on your spool. It comes in 15 to 80-pound test in standard 150 and 300-yard filler spools, and you can get 100 and 150-pound test in 1500-yard bulk spools. It only comes in green, so that might be an issue if you want or need a different color.

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best braided fishing line mega 8

KastKing Mega 8

KastKing Mega 8 was created to compete with the PowerPro 8 Slick and the Sufix 832 braided line. It is constructed from 8 strands of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber, which gives the line great strength and zero stretch. The line has a PPT coating applied on it to aid in casting. Customers praise the cast length that they can get with the Mega 8, especially when surf fishing and in other areas where long casts are necessary. Others are impressed with the quality for the inexpensive price. Some customers think it is not as strong as it should be, and others mention that they get a “bad batch” where there are imperfections on the line coming off the spool.

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