Star light, star bright, sometimes stars aren’t enough to see well at night.

And that’s why lanterns have been synonymous with camping since the very beginning. Lucky for you, LED technology has made its way into these modern lanterns making them not only super illuminating, but also incredibly energy efficient.

When looking at camping lanterns they all can start looking the same, we’ve hand picked the list of 10 below mainly based on illimination, and battery life. Here are the best camping lanterns that you need to have before you head out for your next outdoor adventure.

The Best Camping Lanterns

best camping lantern mallome

Mallome LED

  Editors Choice  

The MalloMe LED Camping Lantern is an ultra bright lantern that belongs nowhere else but in the great outdoors on your next camping trip. Build out of military grade ABS, this is a lantern that is built to last you for a long time. The three hundred and sixty degree 146 lumen LED camping lantern also ensures proper visibility even when in pitch black darkness. The LED bulb has a total lifespan of over one hundred thousand hours, which is simply incredibly for any camping lantern. For transportation and storage purposes, the MalloMe is easily collapsible into a smaller bundle. The MalloMe is available in two different colors: bright yellow or neon pink. Either will work well for anything from a power outage to a vehicle emergency light kit to a camping light or a lantern for your bug out bag. This lantern is powered by AA batteries (which are cheap and easy to find), although the batteries will need to be bought separately.

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Best Camping Lantern #2 - Apolled

Apolled LED

If you’re on the market for a camping lantern that is lightweight, water resistant, scratch proof, and highly durable, then the APPOLLED LED Lantern will be a superb option for you. This is a lantern that is designed to be carried anywhere and can sustain rough abuse thanks to its ABS build and scratch proof qualities. It’s designed for an extended life span thanks to its thirty-individual military grade LED bulbs that are powered by AA batteries with a total battery life of ten to twelve hours. Of course, a major feature that you will want to look for in a camping lantern is ease of storage and portability, and the APPOLLED excels in this department as well. This is because it is fully collapsible with a single press of a button, so there’s no need to waste your time fumbling around with it. All in all, this is a superb choice for a lantern that can be used for camping and backpacking trips, as a backup light during a power outage, or as a vehicle repair light.

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Best Camping Lantern #6 - Etrends Lantern

E-Trends Tent Bulbs

Even though outdoor lanterns are commonly marketed as ‘camping lanterns,’ keep in mind that that doesn’t at all mean that you absolutely have to use your lantern for camping. You can just as easily use it for hunting, backpacking, fishing as a backup light in the event that your home electricity gets shut off, or as a light to keep in your vehicle for emergencies. Regardless, it’s important that your lantern is built to high standards o you can ensure it will last you for a long period of time, and the E-Trends Portable LED Lantern is built with some of the best quality materials on the market to guarantee proper water resistance, optimum reliability, and maximum durability. The E-Trends is also a highly convenient lantern thanks to its sturdy hanging hook design that is designed to attach to any elevated position. It offers 150 lumens on its high setting that will easily illuminate your entire campsite.

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Best Camping Lantern #3 - Von Bright

Vont Bright LED

One of the brightest camping lanterns currently available on the market is the Vont Bright Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern. The reason this lantern is so bright is thanks to its thirty different premium LED bulbs that ensures maximum lighting. You would think that a lantern putting out so much light would naturally have a shorter battery life, but the reality is that the Vont will provide you with over twelve hours of lighting, which is an equal battery life to many less bright lanterns on the market. That being said, the brightness is also fully adjustable, so by setting it to a lower standard you will increase battery life even more. In terms of strength and durability, the Vont is built out of military grade plastic and metal materials, with the plastic being water resistant. This makes the Vont a perfect choice for taking out into harsh conditions with you on a camping, hiking, or backpacking trip. Another nice added aspect bout the Vont is how it is very easily collapsible it is for storage and transportation.

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Best Camping Lantern #4 - Elekcity

Elekcity LED

If you had to make a list of qualities and features that you would want in a camping lantern, you would probably have brightness, durability, and portability at the top of that list, right? If so, the Etekcity Portable Outdoor Led Camping Lantern will be a superb option for you. This is a military grade lantern, which promises long term durability regardless of where you take it. The brightness comes from thirty separate LED bulbs that ensure an overall longer lifespan, and also offers three hundred and sixty degrees of luminous light. The Etekcity is powered with AA batteries that are designed to last up to a minimum of twelve hours before needing to be replaced. The Etekcity is also incredibly portable and convenient thanks to its lightweight that permits you to take it literally anywhere with ease. When you’re not using it, you can quickly collapse it into a more compact size that takes up preciously little space in storage.

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Best Camping Lantern - AYL 330

AYL 330

The AYL Starlight 330 Camping Lantern will light up your outdoor adventures and any other activities that you embark on with an LED bulb that has a total output of over 600 lumens, which simply makes it one of the brightest camping lights currently available on the market. What’s more, is that this bulb has a guaranteed shelf life of over one hundred thousand hours, and can be set to three separate lighting modes: flashing strobe, low, and high. All you need to do is simply cycle the switch button on the side to alternate between these three modes. The AYL can also provide you with three hundred and sixty degree lighting, but if that’s too much light for you can remove it to make your lighting more focused. But another really nice feature that this lantern has is a green LED indicator on the side that will allow you to locate the lantern even when it’s shut off during the dark. What’s more, is that all of this is encased in a watertight body that utilizes rubber and plastic molding to ensure the highest level of water resistance that you could ask for in a camping lantern.

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Best Camping Lantern #5 - TQUNES

Tquens L400

The Tquens L400 Camping Lantern is a very lightweight and bright lantern that is designed specifically to be carried on each of your camping adventures. The 120 lumen light is powered by three AA batteries, and is sure to shine brightly and remain functioning highly at night. AA batteries are a superb choice for any camping lantern because they are extremely common and can be bought in bulk. But the real standout of the Tquens is how it manages to be so strong and resilient despite also being lightweight. The Tquens weighs a mere 0.67 pounds and yet is fully water resistant and shock proof; it has been tested to withstand drops of 1.2 meters without sustaining any damage. The metal brackets on the side of the lantern are expandable and designed to keep it hanging from elevated paces, which definitely enhances its overall versatility.

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Best Camping Lantern AYL 790


The AYL Camping LED DL790 Lantern is unique in that it is a 2-in-1 outdoor product: it’s both a lantern and a flashlight at the same time. This will be great from a convenience standpoint since you won’t necessarily need to carry both a flashlight and a lantern with you on your next outdoor trip. Ideal for any outdoor or indoor use, this lantern provides you a maximum of seven hundred lumens of light while the flashlight provides you with ninety lumens of light, which is simply astonishing for a handheld lantern. What’s better, is that this lantern is designed to deliver that level of light for over twenty-one hours of continuous operation. It’s powered by three D batteries for the lantern and then three AAA batteries for the flashlight part (however, the batteries are not included with the package). The DL790 allows you to choose between three separate modes: one hundred percent brightness for illuminating your whole flashlight, fifty percent for more focused lighting (such as when you need to repair a vehicle or read a book) and red strobe light mode. A retractable hook is hidden into the body, but can be quickly pulled out and used for hanging from elevated positions. Built to the highest tolerances to IPX4 standards, the AYL DL790 is sure to last you for many years to come.

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Browon LED

Another LED camping lantern that is built using premium materials is the Browon Camping LED Solar Rechargeable Lantern, which represents a solid choice for any outdoor enthusiasts looking for a camping lantern. The Browon has been thoroughly tested by Browon ambassadors to be a suitable choice for anything and everything from mountaineering to camping to backyards and patio use. But as the name of this lantern suggests, the Browon is solar rechargeable, which means that you’re not depending on batteries to keep this battery going. That being said, batteries are still an option for powering the Browon and it takes three AAA batteries in a backup compartment. Durability is a major concern that you must have with any camping lantern, and the Browon is encased in a water resistant collapsible outer shell that offers you maximum protection and water resistance. The folding handle system on the Browon also allows you to hang it from any elevated system, while you can control the brightness level with a switch on the side. Last but not least, the Browon also comes equipped with an emergency USB charger for charging other electronic devices, which is a nice feature that not too many camping lanterns can claim to have.

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Best Camping Lantern Lightouch

Lightouch LED

First of all, the LighTouch Camping Led Lantern is one of the most compact camping lanterns currently available on the market. It measures just two inches tall when it is collapsed with a three and a half inch diameter. Total weight is just four ounces. In other words, you’ll be able to fold up with the LighTouch to an incredible small size for storage and transportation, and you’ll hardly notice its size or weight. The LighTouch has a total output of thirty lumens with a battery life of fifteen hours, so you still won’t want to underestimate its capabilities despite its small size. However, battery life is extended to thirty hours when the light level is reduced to fifteen lumens, or twenty three hours when set to strobe. The LighTouch is powered with six AA batteries, which is a great choice due to how cheap and commonplace they are. The design of this lantern consists of a strong military grade ABS material that has rubber oil coated to the surface to increase its lifespan and make it truly unbreakable. All in all, this will be a superb choice for a lantern for camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, or sailing.

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