If you’ve spent any time camping you’ll understand the bane of having to get to your campsite with enough time to properly set up your tent shelter.

Fumbling with tent poles and stakes to then only have to dismantle everything the next morning is a huge waste of time, and since you’re visiting this page, we’ll take it that you’ve finally had enough of this.

All the pop-up tents below have been curated with one thing in mind – Simplicity. It’s through this lens that we filtered out any tent that requires more than one person to setup. So whether you’re looking for a lightweight tent for your next backpacking trip, a larger tent for Burning Man, or a simple shelter for the kids at the beach; you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for below.

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gazelle pop up tent
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Pop-Up Tent Reviews

the best pop up tent - gazelle

Gazelle 22272

  Editors Choice  

The Gazelle 22272 is a huge tent; if you want a cabin that you can move with you, check this tent out. You get 61 square feet of floor space, and it stands 80 inches tall. That means that all but the tallest individuals can stand up inside. But despite its size, you can still set it up in 90 seconds! An attachable rain fly provides protection against the elements. The Gazelle makes sure to use quality YKK zippers so that getting in and out of the tent is not difficult, and a removable floor is useful to get rid of dirt and sand. The tent, unfortunatlye, is not light compared to others as it weighs in at 31 pounds. But if you want to camp in comfort and know that the elements will stay outside, the Gazelle is a great choice.

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Fivejoy 4-Person


If you need pop-up tent for more than 2 people, the FiveJoy 4-Person might be for you. It has a large 80.7″x78.7″ floor area to fit in a larger crowd. It is almost at 4 feet for peak height, giving people a bit of headroom. Two doors provide easy access and egress, while two windows let the air in for ventilation. The tent windows can also be used as a rain fly, though FiveJoy does caution that the tent should not be used during constant heavy rain. If you do want to use the tent during adverse weather, put a tarp underneath the tent for protection and one over the tent to keep out rain. Personal items can be kept in storage pockets, and you can hang your lantern on a lantern loop at the top of the tent. The tent folds up into a 35.4-inch circular container, and weighs 8 pounds.

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Lucky Bums Quick & Portable

  Best Value  

This pop-up tent is designed for family use. Set it up in the house for your children to play with, or take it with you to a sporting event or outdoor concert to provide some quick shade. With dimensions of 80″x50″x36″ it sleeps two children and folds down into a convenient flat disc. You can probably even fit an adult in the tent along with a child, depending on the size of each. It won’t break your back either at 3.15 pounds. It has a large door in the side of the tent for entrance and exit. Make sure you check the tent before using it seriously, however, as the tent poles sometimes arrive broken or break shortly after first use. Lucky Bums does state that they will fix any faulty items immediately.

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the best pop up tent - zomake

Zomake Pop-Up

If you are looking for an easy to set up, versatile, 3-4 man tent, then check out the Zomake Pop Up Tent. It folds down into a 31-inch diameter storage circle, and pops right up and open out of its storage container. It is a great tent for ventilation and vision, as it comes with two doors, two windows, and a skylight window. In particular, it is designed to set up at the beach, where it can be used as a sun shelter as well as a tent. The Zomake is also an excellent choice to set up in your house for your small children to play in. Other good places to use the Zomake are at athletic events, festivals, and short trips. It’s not really a backpacking tent at 5 pounds, and it is not waterproof. It can ward off light rain, but don’t expect to stay dry in a large storm. Still, it is easy to set up and you won’t have to spend a lot of time before getting into your shelter.

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the best pop up tent - colemman popup

Coleman Pop-Up

Tower is a company that became known for their high quality paddle boards on the popular ABC show, Shark Tank. With an investment from Mark Cuban the company has exploded into all other water related categories, but their quality remains the same. The mask features the full 180° view through a completely shatterproof lens. The mask features double-air flow engineering so your breath never is exhaled towards the lens of the mask. The light gray sleek look of this mask makes it an excellent choice for your next snorkel adventure.

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the best pop up tent - winterial

Winterial 2-Person

You won’t need a ground tarp with the Winterial Pop-Up Tent. It is constructed out of durable 190T polyester fabric for protection. It pops up to 90″x50″x42″ and folds down to a 25-inch diameter disc for storage and transport. If you are having issues opening or closing tent, check out a YouTube video for proper technique. These videos can be all the difference between an hour of frustration and a minute of setup and takedown. It comes with its own carrying case. There are two windows and one large door on the tent. The Winterial weighs in at a reasonable 5 pounds. It is a great tent to take to the beach or for your children to use to build a fort inside the house. It is not the best tent for condensation, so take that into account when making your purchase.

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the best pop up tent - teton

Teton Outfitter XXL

Sometimes you don’t want or need a huge pop-up tent so all your children can use it as a fort. Sometimes you just need a tent that goes up quickly for yourself alone. That is where the Teton Quick Tent comes in. The Quick Tent is designed to mesh with the other accessories of the Outfitter XXL line. That means you can pair it with the Teton cot and camp pad. This tent is durable, featuring 75 Denier 190T Taffeta nylon and it has a clip-on rain fly vestibule. A larger rainfly (The Elite Rainfly) can be purchased separately for extra protection. It’s probably a good idea to buy the larger rainfly if you plan on camping in inclement weather, as the rain fly that comes with the tent is too small if you are using the tent with a cot. The tent will not weigh you down very much-it comes in at a reasonable 4.3 pounds.

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the best pop up tent - wolfwise

WolfWise Pop-Up

The WolfWise Instant Pop Up tent is a good choice for those looking for a bit of versatility in their tents. You can use the flysheet by itself as a canopy to provide shade or a bit of rain protection. You can use the tent body by itself and benefit from good ventilation. Or you can use both the fly and the tent body together for extra protection against the elements. The tent body itself measures 84.6″x78.7″x57″ with a 51.18-inch height in the center of the tent. You use the pneumatic hydraulic device to get the tent set up. You can store your personal items inside pockets in the tent, and there is a loop to hang your lantern from on top of the tent. The windows are on the doors, and it can get a little warm if you have them closed to keep bugs out.

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the best pop up tent - keumer

Keumer Pop-Up Tent

If you’re looking for comfort in your full-face snorkel mask the Shark Gear Seafin might be the one you need to go with. The mask boasts a wider angle viewing lens than traditional snorkel masks, and eliminates the need to constantly clean the fog out from the inside with its innovative breathing system. We hope that you won’t need to test its durability but in case you did it’s constructed using durable polypropylene with a shatter proof polycarbonate viewing window. The GoPro action camera makes it an excellent choice for the adventure snorkeler, and a detachable breathing tube so you can clean it out thoroughly between snorkeling trips. This full faced mask comes in 5 different sleek colors and with a lightweight carrying bag to protect the lens as you travel. All parts feature a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer.

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survival hax

Survival Hax Pop-Up

This almost 7-foot by 7-foot tent is designed to sleep two or three people while still going up and going down with ease. You can set it up in less than half a minute! The Survival Hax has zippered mesh windows on all four sides for better ventilation, a bathtub floor means you don’t have to use a footprint, and two gear pockets allow you to store your cellphone or headlamp. Or you can forgo your headlamp and hang a lantern on a ceiling loop. A full rain fly helps to keep out the rain. While the tent is rated to three people, it will be crowded.

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the best pop up tent - wnnldeo

Wnnideo Instant Family Tent

The Wnnideo Instant Family Tent is great for those camping with families and who are looking for quick setup and takedown. You won’t need to wait long to get inside this tent. The footprint measures a generous 10 by 7 feet, and Wnnideo claims it can sleep 4 adults or 6 children or teens. Four adults with gear might be stretching it, but you could probably get two adults and two or three children in there. Large double doors make it easy to get in and out of, and the tent still can be set up within a minute. There are six mesh panels for ventilation and to keep out bugs. The rainfly is waterproof and UV-resistant. The tent features a lantern loop, and weighs 9.26 pounds.

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