Right out of Q’s MI6 lab comes the tactical pen, however you don’t have to be James Bond to carry one.

Think about your average workday; no matter what your line of work is, there isn’t a day that you don’t use a writing pen. If you already carry a writing pen as part of your everyday carry, why not trade it out for one that could potentially save your life?

Tactical pens, as the name implies, are built with stealthy self-defense in mind. The great thing about this style of pen is that it is one of the last items someone would view as a weapon. So whether you need to break through glass, or puncture an attacker to save your own life, these tactical pens are the perfect solution.

The products showcased below have been handpicked not only based on their weaponized functionality, but on their writing ability as well, so it’s something you’ll enjoy carrying. We hope it’s something you’ll never have to use, but if you do, you’ll be glad you bought it.

Our Favorites


Tactical Pen Reviews

Gerber Impromptu

Gerber Impromptu

  Editors Choice  

Right out of the box the Gerber Impromptu is a pen that is made to hurt. The pen’s housing is constructed of machine quality steel with an integrated glass breaking tip that deploys quickly to get you out of trouble. This pen is as functional as it is beautiful. Right out of the box it’s weighted evenly which makes it not only an excellent self-defense tool, but also an awesome writing pen. The simple push button on this pen coupled with the heavy-duty construction makes this the ultimate pen for your EDC needs. (Makes a sweet man gift too)

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Smith Wesson SWPEN3BK

Smith & Wesson SWPEN3BK


Smith & Wesson is synonymous with self-defense products, so it should come as no surprise that the SWPEN3BK by S&W makes our list of top rated tactical pens. This pen is crafted out of T6061 aircraft aluminum so unless you’re planning on stabbing the terminator himself, this pen will get you out of any jamb. Like other pens it also comes equipped with an excellent glass breaker tip. What makes this EDC pen awesome is that it’s not just a pen, it also has the added functionality of a stylus. When choosing a pen, you want one that will just become part of your everyday carry, so if you’re on a tablet throughout the day, this is an excellent choice.

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tactical pen valtev

Valtev Tactical Pen

  Best Value  

This black and stylish pen not only fits nicely in your shirt pocket, it also fits nicely into your budget. Compared to all the other pens the price-per-tactical ratio is on point. With the cheaper price tag, you’re not going to sacrifice quality as this pen, like several others, is made from a single mold rugged aluminum alloy. It’s both lightweight, but still able to fend off any attacker that comes your way.

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ATS Tactical Pen

American Tactical Supply

Next on our list of tac-pens is the American Tactical Supply Co. Tactical Defense Pen. First and foremost, this pen is constructed out of aircraft grade aluminum, which is impact resistant and ensures proper durability and longevity. The pocket clip enables you to keep this pen stored in your pocket for easy access, much like a pocket knife. But the benefits of the Tactical Self-Defense Pen do not end there. This pen also features a glass breaker that can, beyond its intended purpose, be also used for self-defense. The ink cartridge that sells with this pen also works in all conditions as well.

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cool hand tactical pen

Cool Hand Bolt Action

Another excellent option for an everyday carry tactical pen is the Cool Hand Bolt Action Cannon Style Tactical Pen. This pen is built out of military grade 303 stainless steel. The glass breaker has been added on top of the crown of the pen for both self-defense and for breaking through glass. The notches on the end of the pen aren’t there just for looks; they are there to serve as a DNA catcher so that after striking an assailant and capturing some of their blood, you’ll be able to turn it into law enforcement for evidence so they can hopefully identify who attacked you.

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each bid tactical pen

Eachbid Multifunction

Like a lot of the other high quality pens we’ve picked, the Eachbid Multi-Function Tactical pen is also constructed out of aircraft grade aluminum, which ensures incredible durability. But there are more reasons to consider the Eachbid besides its physical quality. Most notably, its sports a diamond threaded design on the handle, which simply provides you with a nice, strong grip even in wet conditions. It features a glass breaker on the other side which can be used for both breaking through glass and for defending yourself against an assailant.

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eachway tactical pen

Eachway Tactical Pen

The Buck 0425 is small and lightweight even by mini-knife standards. Coming in at only 2 7/8 inches when closed and weighing in at only 1 ounce, the 0425 is perfect for an unobtrusive tool to carry with you. The blade is 1 7/8 inches of 420 HC stainless-steel. It features a drop point which aids in its performance as a general work knife, enabling it to cut heavier items while avoiding accidental punctures. It is locked into place via a lockback design. The handle is injection-molded and textured for an easy grip. You can fit the knife on a keyring, making it perfect to use as an everyday carry knife.

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irainy tactical pen

iRainy Self Defender

The iRainy Portable Survival Self Defender LED Tactical Pen is a premium entry in the tactical pen market thanks to how durable it is. The actual body of the pen is made out of a 6063 aircraft aluminum that besides its strength is also quite lightweight. But the head of the pen is constructed out of a different material, a tungsten steel that maintains a hardness higher than HR90. In other words, this is a tactical pen that’s going to last you for a very long time. But another neat feature about it is how it comes installed with a right LED flashlight. This flashlight will run for over ten hours on one AAA battery.

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kevenanna tactical pen

KA Self Defense Pen

Like the iRainy Tactical Pen that we just looked at, the KevenAnna tactical pen also incorporates an LED flashlight, which can definitely come in handy. Many people like to carry both a pen and a flashlight as a part of their EDC, so the KevenAnna gives you two-in-one here to save more weight and space in your pockets. Beyond that, the KevenAnna also comes equipped with a glass breaker on the opposite side of the flashlight that can also serve as a self-defense tool should the need arise. The entire pen is constructed out of a machine aircraft aluminum material that is very adept at sustaining abuse, making this a perfect option for the long term.

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kkong tactical pen

KKong Tactical

The KKong Tactical Self-Defense Pen represents a solid choice if you’re on the market for an effective and dependable heavy duty tactical pen. The KKong is designed to be exactly everything a tactical pen should be: durable, lightweight, and portable. Indeed, the dimensions of the KKong measure 14.8 centimeters by 1.45 centimeters, with an aviation aluminum body to ensure longevity. It has an ergonomic, no-slip design that makes it a suitable choice for wet environments, and the pen itself is fully compatible with standard refills.

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LORJE Tactical Pen

The LORGE Tactical Pen is another great option for your next EDC pen. Thanks to its aircraft aluminum alloy construction, this is a very strong and resilient tactical pen that is more than suitable for effective tactical use. The clip is also very durable and will hold on to more than just the inside of your pant pockets. You can also very easily clip this onto your backpack, notebook, or binder if you want to. The glass breaker on the end is constructed out of a very durable carbide tip, which is not only strong enough to break through glass but will also be able to withstand multiple hits.

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tactical pen lx stainless steel

LX Self Defense

The LX Originality Self Defense Outdoor Tactical Pen is built out of a high quality stainless steel material that is designed to be equally as durable as it is practical. This same stainless steel is the material used for the glass breaker on the end of the pen, and is definitely strong enough to break through any window you need to escape or save somebody inside an unsafe vehicle. That being said, the actual pen inside the stainless steel casing is a smooth and simple business pen and is designed to give you the same kind of performance when you write as you would need when you break through glass.

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tactical pen mmoo

MMOO Tactical

Something that many people don’t seem to give too much attention to when selecting a tactical pen for EDC, even though they should, is the pen’s ergonomics. This is because most of your time spent with the pen will be with actual writing rather than self-defense or breaking through windows, and you want to ensure that your pen has a comfortable no-slip grip. The MMOO Defender Tactical Pen will exceed your expectations here thanks to its diamond thread design in the handle, which provides you with a superb anti-skid ability and ensures that you’ll be able to grasp the pen fully when using it for self-defense. The machine knurled barrel also aids in delivering you this secure grip. The ink cartridges on the MMOO are fully replaceable and it writes in black ink; simply twist to close and open.

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tactical pen SGODDE

SGODDE Security

The next tactical pen that we will discuss is the SGODDE Security Protection Multifunction Tactical Pen, and as the name suggests this pen is actually a multi-tool. It comes installed with a bottle opener, a serrated edge for cutting, and an LED flashlight, which will be extraordinarily practical for day-to-day use. Button cell batteries are included as part of the package to allow the flashlight to run. The glass breaker at the end of the pen is constructed out of tungsten carbide, which is highly durable, at least enough so that many other tactical pen manufacturers have included it on their models as well. The SGODDE is constructed using an aluminum alloy body, with a total weight of forty four grams and a length of just over six inches.

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sminniker tactical pen

Sminiker Defender

The Sminiker Defender Tactical Pen is a heavy duty tactical pen that is built out of aircraft aluminum but is also designed to be portable and lightweight. Sure enough, this pen measures just under fifteen centimeters in total length and around a centimeter and a half in total diameter. Weight of the pen clocks in at forty eight grams, which means you’ll hardly notice it while it’s in your pocket. The pen is compatible with standard refills for versatility, while the diamond threaded design ensure a grippy surface for both writing and self-defense purposes.

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tactical pen take flight

Take Flight Tactical Pen

The old saying goes that the pen is mightier than the sword, right? Well, with the TakeFlight you’ll definitely know that’s true. There are a number of reasons for this. For one thing, this pen is built out of a CNC machine aircraft grade aluminum to give it an advantage in strength over the other tactical pens on the market. The diamond threaded grip also ensures that your hands won’t slip while gripping it, even while wet. Including the glass breaker located on one of the ends, the dimensions of the TakeFlight are six inches by just over half an inch, making it very portable and lightweight to keep stowed away in your pocket. It is for all of these reasons that the TakeFlight has been trusted by first responders, pilots, and even the Navy SEAL’s, and it’s why it will be a perfect option for you too. The TakeFlight is fully compatible with standard refills and as a bonus ships with an extra black ink refill replacement.

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5.11 Matte Pen

The 50249C-019-1 from 5.11 is a perfect mix of subtlety and elegance. A lot of tactical pens are given away because of their weight as well as not being able to actually write. This pen thwarts both of those issues as it is weighted slightly heavier than a pen but you can also write in brilliant black ink. The durable high end aerospace aluminum makes it one of the toughest pens on the planet. Whether you’re writing a check or jabbing the pen into a perpetrators neck, the knurled grip on the outer shell provides excellent control of the tool. When you run out of ink you can replace the ink with a size PR4 medium cartridge.

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Tactical Pen Buying Guide

What Are Considered Tactical Pens

This is a good question, because technically you could shove a regular pen into an attacker’s corroded artery if you had enough force. Tactical pens are functioning pens that are reinforced by a high-grade metal alloy, commonly. These types of pens are made to break after the object your striking does. So whether you need to break glass, or stab a perpetrator, these are made to stay intact no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Who are they for?

Although these pens were originally made with military and law enforcement in mind, these pens work great for just about anyone who wants added protection for the unknown. Because of their low barrier of entry and commonality in everyday life, you can use this pen in plain sight and virtually nobody will be any the wiser.

These pens are great for guys as you can simply hook the pen in your shirt collar or pocket, and for women as you can toss it into virtually any sized purse and carry with you always.

Features to Consider

For something so small there are quite a few options that need to be considered when choosing your next tactical pen. Do you want a cap? Do you need a flashlight? Things like these we answer below to make sure you’re properly equipped for your EDC.


The most important thing you can consider on these types of pens is what they’re made of. Making sure that it is constructed out of powerfully strong materials could mean the difference between life and death.

Most of these pens are constructed out of an aluminum alloy, and that should be enough to handle any defensive situation that arises.


What these tactical pen manufactures sometimes forget is that while the pen needs to be an excellent self-defense tool, their strength comes from not being easily detectable as such.

While the “tactical” part of the pen is very important, being a good writing pen is what makes it easy to carry with you. What you want is the pen to become second nature to you so you know it’s weight and size like the back of your hand.

The grip of these pens needs to mold both a tactical and writers grip together so it can function easily as both. Try and select a pen with deeper grooves in housing so your fingers can write easily, and you can grip it easily for jabbing – if necessary.


The tactical pens that have lighted functionality on them are especially important for those individuals who are out commonly out at night. Typically, the light enabled tactical pens are powered by a AA-AAA battery, which does add slightly to the average bulk (circumference) of the pen itself.

Cap or No Cap

There are commonly two distinctly different styles of tactical pens, those with caps and those without. Now this isn’t as a divisive grouping as arguing which way the toilet paper goes on the roll (roll top-to-bottom you maniacs); but if you’re like me I hate keeping up with pen caps and luckily for me, they don’t make a lot of sense to use with tactical pens.

The reason it makes sense to choose a pen without a cap is simply that pulling the cap off the pen is just one more thing to think about in a life or death situation. When seconds count the last thing, you want to be doing is fumbling for the top of the pen and having to look and see which end you’re supposed to use.

Common Tactical Pen Questions

Where to Aim when Using the Tactical Pen?
Every situation will be a different one, however because of the amount adrenaline pulsing through your body aiming for the bigger cavity of the body is always a safe bet.

Are Tactical Pen’s Allowed on Planes (TSA Approved)?
*Disclaimer: You’ll have to contact the TSA for a Specific Answer*

This is a very gray area. On one hand, they are marketed as self-defense weapon, and on the other someone could reasonably stab someone with a normal pen. Reading the TSA requirements, these pens technically fall into the martial arts category of prohibited items. We’re obviously not recommending this, but if your pen is simply a pen made of reinforced housing, we don’t see the problem. Plenty of carriers report 0 issues with them.

Tactical Pen Accessories

There really aren’t accessories, as these pens are by themselves accessories. The only accompanying product you could need with your new pen is ink. Each product has varying sizes of ink cartridge requirements so be sure to stock up on ink cartridges so you never have an excuse to not use it. Check out the ink options for these pens on amazon.

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