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REVIEW: The Leatherman Wave Multitool

About The Leatherman Wave Multitool

When you think of multi-tools the Leatherman Wave multi-tool is most likely the model that comes to mind. The Wave has been Leatherman’s most popular model since it was re-designed in 2004. This Leatherman is the perfect everyday carry to keep in your pocket for any job.

It features 17 total tools (needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, wire stripper, knife, serrated knife, saw, spring action scissors, ruler, can opener, a wood/metal file, diamond coated file, large bit driver, small bit driver, medium screw driver, and hard wire cutter.) So, no matter how avid of an outdoorsman you are, this multi-tool will be able to get out of the majority of tough situations. The Leatherman Wave also comes in a stainless steal finish.

What We Liked

Besides the obvious list of 17 tools above, the multi-tool is more than just the quantity of its tools. The Leatherman Wave is extremely versatile in that you can access all the tools from the open and/or locked position. The locked position is where this multi-tool shines over other multi-tools in that every tool (except for the plier head) has a locked position mimicking the functionality of a pocket knife.

What is also impressive is that while the 17 tools on this model are rugged, Leatherman didn’t sacrifice ease of use as you can operate every feature of this model with only one hand. What also makes picking this Leatherman tool is the fact that they back this multi-tool with a 25-year guarantee.

What We Didn’t

The black model, featured in this review, is sleek however if you opt for the black oxide coating instead of this model, some of the black color may come off onto your hands on the first couple uses. This isn’t a product flaw as some users are calling it, but rather a chemical reaction of the conversion coating.

The way the black oxide is formed is by oxidizing the outer surface, essentially controlling rust. We’ve found that to control the color transfer, take a rag with WD-40 and rub thoroughly before your first use.

Who’s The Leatherman Wave For?

With 17 different foldable tools, the question becomes “who isn’t this tool for?” The Leatherman wave should be the go to pick for outdoorsman and travelers alike. This multi-tool is one of the biggest models available, but don’t let that scare you. The Wave still fill fit comfortably in your hand.

This model is a great choice for hikers and backpackers to just throw in their backpacks as there isn’t a situation that it won’t be able to handle. If you’re going to be taking it on rafting trips it’s a good idea to hook a float to the attachable ring, as you don’t want to be up a creek without a Leatherman.

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REVIEW: The LifeStraw

About the Life Straw

At the time of writing, the LifeStraw brand of products are in the hands of over 13 million people. The LifeStraw is a personal water filtration system that can be used to filter up to 1,000 litres of water (260 gallons); or enough water for a year for one person. The LifeStraw was oringally developed as a solution to help people in developing nations get access to cleaner drinking water.

The LifeStraw’s filters have gained emense popularity with the prepper and survivalist community as a tool that just might save your life. While the amount of water that a single straw can dfilter is very impressive, LifeStraw also manufactures a family sized life straw which can filter through over 18,000 gallons of water essentially providing safe, clean drinking water for a family of 5 for up to 3 years!

What We Liked

lifestraw review 1
Out of the box the life straw doesn’t look like much, and that’s really the point. The straw measures less than an inch wide and less than 9″ long, making it the ideal water filtration system for any traveller or outdoorsman.

The straw outperforms the EPA’s standard of water filtration, removing 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria contaminats. Where this filter scores high marks with us is that it filters out all that without the use of iodine, cholorine, and other potentially harmful chemicals.

What We Didn’t

There’s very little we didn’t like. The straw fits into most peoples survival plan but there are a few convience factors that may play into your purchase decision. While the straw is small, it’s still too thick to fit into the neck of standard water bottles and cantees (A Nalgeen Should Work Fine).

This may make the straw somewhat useless if you’re not going to be near a clean bank to get close enough to the waters edge to draw out of. So if you’re going on a backpacking trip and are for sure not going to be, a tablet filter may be better suited for you.

Who’s The LifeStraw for?

The LifeStraw is probably the #1 tool to keeping you alive in life threatening outdoor situations making it the ideal tool for Hikers, Backpackers, and Preppers alike.

The LifeStraw is compact enough to fit into any backpackers bag, and even makes a great companion for day hikes as you don’t have to lug around a bottle water. When it comes to building your bugout bag, the lifestraw needs to be one of the first, if not THE first, thing you pack.

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High Time: The 10 Best Altimeter Watches

Whether you are a casual hiker who just wants to know what altitude you are at, or a serious rock climber who needs to know how much more vertical feet you can climb before darkness sets in, an altimeter watch is for you.

An altimeter watch measures altitude by measuring changes in atmospheric pressure. It’s not always exact, but it usually gives you a fairly accurate reading of your altitude. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best altimeter watches. The list of quality instruments will enhance your outdoor experiece, and enhance your style to boot.

The Best Altimeter Watches

Garmin Fenix 3 GPS

  Editors Choice  

This watch is the ultimate in multitasking. Whether you are going hiking, running, skiing, climbing, biking, or swimming, this watch can do it all. It can track your speed, distance, and vertical drop. This ABC (Altitude, Barometer, Compass) watch also has a GPS function, a thermometer, a heart rate monitor. It connects easily over wireless to your other electronic devices. You’ll love the battery length, which is rated to 20 hours in GPS mode and can run for 6 weeks when the Fenix is in its regular watch mode. The watch is tough, with a stainless steel bezel and a Sapphire glass lens. It can take a pounding, but it is also stylish enough to wear into the office. And at only 2.9 ounces, this watch won’t weigh down your wrist!

MSRP: $499.99 (as of July 23, 2017 - 7:03 pm)
Check Price: Amazon ➔

Casio PRG-300-1A2CR

The Pro Trek is an affordable way to get introduced into the world of altimeter watches. Like other Casio watches, it runs on solar power so you won’t have to change the batteries or worry about losing power on a long hike. Despite the low price, you get a altimeter, compass, and a barometer, as well as a stopwatch and a thermometer. The watch functions down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, and has four daily alarms, a stopwatch, and a countdown timer. The Pro Trek does have a smaller display, which can make the watch features a bit hard to read sometimes. The upside to this is that the watch does not overwhelm a small wrist like many larger watches do. The watch does keep manual instead of atomic time, but that makes sense for the price point.

MSRP: $250.00 (as of July 23, 2017 - 5:58 pm)
Check Price: Amazon ➔

Suunto Core

If you don’t need a GPS or a heart rate monitor, the Suunto Core provides you with lots of functionality at a price that won’t break the bank. At the time of writing this watches MSRP is $299, making it 2-3 hundred dollars cheaper than the top of the line smart watches, but still gives you numerous features. Star with an altimeter, barometer, and compass, and add storm notifications to alert you to incoming inclement weather. The watch senses barometric pressure drops and notifies you of a possible storm. You also get sunrise/sunset times (based on over 400 locations), and a 7-day altitude log tracking. Many users appreciate its durability and its long battery life. A battery can last about a year if the extra features are not enabled. The design is sleek, it weighs in at less than 2.3 ounces, and the watch comes in six different colors.

MSRP: $169.99 (as of July 23, 2017 - 6:53 pm)
Check Price: Amazon ➔

Suunto Ambit3

This top of the line watch earns its chops by combining a plethora of features with an easy-to-use interface. You can use the Suunto Movescount app to import waypoints and routes, or import routes from other users. Don’t worry, it has the traditional altimeter, barometer, and compass, but it does not stop there. The watch is compatible with a heart rate monitor, and can track the important information for your workout such as duration, distance, and calories burned. Hikers will appreciate the storm alarm that will alert you to severe weather rolling in, and highly accurate elevation data. The watch is water-resistant down to 50 meters, and is protected against damage by strong Sapphire glass. The battery life is fairly short, though; coming in at only 30 days even when you don’t use the GPS function. All in all, thought, this is an incredible watch that should enhance all of your outdoor activities.

MSRP: $295.26 (as of July 23, 2017 - 1:52 pm)
Check Price: Amazon ➔

Casio PRW-6000Y-1ACR

You won’t have to worry about running out of juice with this solar powered watch. The Casio 6000Y gives you an altimeter, barometer and a compass set in a modern face with a sharp looking carbon fiber insert band. The atomic clock keeps very accurate time, and you get a thermometer and stopwatch as well. The watch has an old-school feel. Some might like this, while others might want something more modern with more features, especially at the 6000Y’s high price tag. The watch does not have a GPS feature, although it does track weather patterns and store trips. If you do decide to go with the 6000Y you will get a tough, durable watch that you can wear while on a hike and in the office.

MSRP: $381.00 (as of July 23, 2017 - 10:53 pm)
Check Price: Amazon ➔

Suunto Traverse

If you are a hiker and want a GPS and ABC watch, but don’t want to pay the money for a Ambit3 or need all of the Ambit’s features, then you might want to check out the Suunto Traverse. It is easy to use, and has many of the same internal features as the Ambit, but does not provide functions geared toward runners, bikers, or swimmers. You do get a great GPS, a flashlight mode, a very accurate altimeter, a barometer, and a compass. The watch also features a data log, a trip summary, and other features geared toward hikers. Battery life is a concern with this watch, as it only lasts 14 days when not using the GPS.

MSRP: $450.00 (as of July 23, 2017 - 11:24 pm)
Check Price: Amazon ➔

Casio PRG-300-1A2CR

The Pro Trek is an affordable way to get introduced into the world of altimeter watches. Like other Casio watches, it runs on solar power so you won’t have to change the batteries or worry about losing power on a long hike. Despite the low price, you get a altimeter, compass, and a barometer, as well as a stopwatch and a thermometer. The watch functions down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, and has four daily alarms, a stopwatch, and a countdown timer. The Pro Trek does have a smaller display, which can make the watch features a bit hard to read sometimes. The upside to this is that the watch does not overwhelm a small wrist like many larger watches do. The watch does keep manual instead of atomic time, but that makes sense for the price point.

MSRP: $250.00 (as of July 23, 2017 - 5:58 pm)
Check Price: Amazon ➔

Casio PAG240-1CR

This solar powered watch is a tremendous value for the thrifty hiker. Not only do you get an altimeter, easy to use compass, and barometer, you can complete a thru-hike without replacing the batteries! The watch stores 41 time zones, and features 5 alarms for those who really need reminders (or extra help getting up in the morning). The watch does have a countdown timer, but it lacks the ability to count down by second, which can be frustrating. The watch is durable and scratch resistant-perfect for an outdoor tool. It is not the most stylish watch on the market, so you might want to swap it out for your boardroom meeting. If you are not interested a GPS-or the price point that comes with it-the Pathfinder is a perfect outdoor watch choice.

MSRP: $250.00 (as of July 23, 2017 - 10:03 pm)
Check Price: Amazon ➔

Suunto Vector

If you want the quality that comes with a Suunto watch, but don’t quite have the money for one of their flagship offerings, check out the Suunto Vector. This time-tested watch (first made in 1998) features an altimeter that can take you up to almost 30,000 feet, and is water resistant down to 100 meters. The watch still gives you an altimeter, barometer, and a compass. In addition, you get a 24-hour altimeter memory and log book, an alarm, and a countdown timer. The Vector has a long battery life of 18 to 24 months, and at 1.92 ounces, it won’t wear down your wrist, either. You will get a classic, durable, watch which you can bang up and wear for years with the Vector.

MSRP: List price not available (as of July 23, 2017 - 7:03 pm)
Check Price: Amazon ➔

Casio PAW2000-1CR

While the PAW2000 does not have a GPS function, it does have numerous other features. You get your altimeter/barometer/compass functionality on an easy to read Duplex backlit LED screen. The band is high quality resin, and it is water resistant down to 100 meters. Like other Casio watches, the PAW2000 is solar powered, so no trips to the watch repair store to pick up a new battery. The watch features atomic timekeeping for extra accuracy and sunrise and sunset data. While you do get five daily alarms, some people do complain that the watch alarm is not particularly loud, which could be a problem if you are a deep sleeper. It also might not be the best watch if you have a small wrist. Although the watch feels large on the wrist, it weighs in at only 2.4 ounces.

MSRP: $380.00 (as of July 23, 2017 - 5:17 pm)
Check Price: Amazon ➔

Garmin Epix

Garmin bills this as the first GPS/GLONASS mapping watch, featuring a high resolution, color touchscreen, basemaps, and a 1-year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription. Add in the fitness tracking of the Garmin Fenix, an altimeter, barometer, and compass, and you truly have a do-it-all watch. It has 8GB of internal memory to add in all of your maps. The screen is 1.4 inches in size. You can take this watch out of cell phone range and still have a navigation system, or you can use it to track your interval workouts or your altitude gained or lost while trail running. All of these features do increase the complexity of the watch, and many people don’t need-or don’t want-to deal with all of the different options that this watch offers. But for those who do, this watch can do it all.

MSRP: $549.99 (as of July 23, 2017 - 10:03 pm)
Check Price: Amazon ➔

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Gimme Shelter: The 10 Best Pop Up Tents

If you’ve spent any time camping you’ll understand the bane of having to get to your campsite with enough time to properly set up your tent shelter.

Fumbling with tent poles and stakes to then only have to dismantle everything the next morning is a huge waste of time, and since you’re visiting this page, we’ll take it that you’ve finally had enough of this.

All the pop-up tents below have been curated with one thing in mind – Simplicity. It’s through this lens that we filtered out any tent that requires more than one person to setup. So whether you’re looking for a lightweight tent for your next backpacking trip, a larger tent for Burning Man, or a simple shelter for the kids at the beach; you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for below.

Our Favorites

gazelle pop up tent
five joy pop up tent
lucky bums pop up tent

Pop-Up Tent Reviews

the best pop up tent - gazelle

Gazelle 22272

  Editors Choice  

The Gazelle 22272 is a huge tent; if you want a cabin that you can move with you, check this tent out. You get 61 square feet of floor space, and it stands 80 inches tall. That means that all but the tallest individuals can stand up inside. But despite its size, you can still set it up in 90 seconds! An attachable rain fly provides protection against the elements. The Gazelle makes sure to use quality YKK zippers so that getting in and out of the tent is not difficult, and a removable floor is useful to get rid of dirt and sand. The tent, unfortunatlye, is not light compared to others as it weighs in at 31 pounds. But if you want to camp in comfort and know that the elements will stay outside, the Gazelle is a great choice.

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Fivejoy 4-Person


If you need pop-up tent for more than 2 people, the FiveJoy 4-Person might be for you. It has a large 80.7″x78.7″ floor area to fit in a larger crowd. It is almost at 4 feet for peak height, giving people a bit of headroom. Two doors provide easy access and egress, while two windows let the air in for ventilation. The tent windows can also be used as a rain fly, though FiveJoy does caution that the tent should not be used during constant heavy rain. If you do want to use the tent during adverse weather, put a tarp underneath the tent for protection and one over the tent to keep out rain. Personal items can be kept in storage pockets, and you can hang your lantern on a lantern loop at the top of the tent. The tent folds up into a 35.4-inch circular container, and weighs 8 pounds.

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Lucky Bums Quick & Portable

  Best Value  

This pop-up tent is designed for family use. Set it up in the house for your children to play with, or take it with you to a sporting event or outdoor concert to provide some quick shade. With dimensions of 80″x50″x36″ it sleeps two children and folds down into a convenient flat disc. You can probably even fit an adult in the tent along with a child, depending on the size of each. It won’t break your back either at 3.15 pounds. It has a large door in the side of the tent for entrance and exit. Make sure you check the tent before using it seriously, however, as the tent poles sometimes arrive broken or break shortly after first use. Lucky Bums does state that they will fix any faulty items immediately.

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the best pop up tent - zomake

Zomake Pop-Up

If you are looking for an easy to set up, versatile, 3-4 man tent, then check out the Zomake Pop Up Tent. It folds down into a 31-inch diameter storage circle, and pops right up and open out of its storage container. It is a great tent for ventilation and vision, as it comes with two doors, two windows, and a skylight window. In particular, it is designed to set up at the beach, where it can be used as a sun shelter as well as a tent. The Zomake is also an excellent choice to set up in your house for your small children to play in. Other good places to use the Zomake are at athletic events, festivals, and short trips. It’s not really a backpacking tent at 5 pounds, and it is not waterproof. It can ward off light rain, but don’t expect to stay dry in a large storm. Still, it is easy to set up and you won’t have to spend a lot of time before getting into your shelter.

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the best pop up tent - colemman popup

Coleman Pop-Up

Tower is a company that became known for their high quality paddle boards on the popular ABC show, Shark Tank. With an investment from Mark Cuban the company has exploded into all other water related categories, but their quality remains the same. The mask features the full 180° view through a completely shatterproof lens. The mask features double-air flow engineering so your breath never is exhaled towards the lens of the mask. The light gray sleek look of this mask makes it an excellent choice for your next snorkel adventure.

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the best pop up tent - winterial

Winterial 2-Person

You won’t need a ground tarp with the Winterial Pop-Up Tent. It is constructed out of durable 190T polyester fabric for protection. It pops up to 90″x50″x42″ and folds down to a 25-inch diameter disc for storage and transport. If you are having issues opening or closing tent, check out a YouTube video for proper technique. These videos can be all the difference between an hour of frustration and a minute of setup and takedown. It comes with its own carrying case. There are two windows and one large door on the tent. The Winterial weighs in at a reasonable 5 pounds. It is a great tent to take to the beach or for your children to use to build a fort inside the house. It is not the best tent for condensation, so take that into account when making your purchase.

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the best pop up tent - teton

Teton Outfitter XXL

Sometimes you don’t want or need a huge pop-up tent so all your children can use it as a fort. Sometimes you just need a tent that goes up quickly for yourself alone. That is where the Teton Quick Tent comes in. The Quick Tent is designed to mesh with the other accessories of the Outfitter XXL line. That means you can pair it with the Teton cot and camp pad. This tent is durable, featuring 75 Denier 190T Taffeta nylon and it has a clip-on rain fly vestibule. A larger rainfly (The Elite Rainfly) can be purchased separately for extra protection. It’s probably a good idea to buy the larger rainfly if you plan on camping in inclement weather, as the rain fly that comes with the tent is too small if you are using the tent with a cot. The tent will not weigh you down very much-it comes in at a reasonable 4.3 pounds.

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the best pop up tent - wolfwise

WolfWise Pop-Up

The WolfWise Instant Pop Up tent is a good choice for those looking for a bit of versatility in their tents. You can use the flysheet by itself as a canopy to provide shade or a bit of rain protection. You can use the tent body by itself and benefit from good ventilation. Or you can use both the fly and the tent body together for extra protection against the elements. The tent body itself measures 84.6″x78.7″x57″ with a 51.18-inch height in the center of the tent. You use the pneumatic hydraulic device to get the tent set up. You can store your personal items inside pockets in the tent, and there is a loop to hang your lantern from on top of the tent. The windows are on the doors, and it can get a little warm if you have them closed to keep bugs out.

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the best pop up tent - keumer

Keumer Pop-Up Tent

If you’re looking for comfort in your full-face snorkel mask the Shark Gear Seafin might be the one you need to go with. The mask boasts a wider angle viewing lens than traditional snorkel masks, and eliminates the need to constantly clean the fog out from the inside with its innovative breathing system. We hope that you won’t need to test its durability but in case you did it’s constructed using durable polypropylene with a shatter proof polycarbonate viewing window. The GoPro action camera makes it an excellent choice for the adventure snorkeler, and a detachable breathing tube so you can clean it out thoroughly between snorkeling trips. This full faced mask comes in 5 different sleek colors and with a lightweight carrying bag to protect the lens as you travel. All parts feature a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer.

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survival hax

Survival Hax Pop-Up

This almost 7-foot by 7-foot tent is designed to sleep two or three people while still going up and going down with ease. You can set it up in less than half a minute! The Survival Hax has zippered mesh windows on all four sides for better ventilation, a bathtub floor means you don’t have to use a footprint, and two gear pockets allow you to store your cellphone or headlamp. Or you can forgo your headlamp and hang a lantern on a ceiling loop. A full rain fly helps to keep out the rain. While the tent is rated to three people, it will be crowded.

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the best pop up tent - wnnldeo

Wnnideo Instant Family Tent

The Wnnideo Instant Family Tent is great for those camping with families and who are looking for quick setup and takedown. You won’t need to wait long to get inside this tent. The footprint measures a generous 10 by 7 feet, and Wnnideo claims it can sleep 4 adults or 6 children or teens. Four adults with gear might be stretching it, but you could probably get two adults and two or three children in there. Large double doors make it easy to get in and out of, and the tent still can be set up within a minute. There are six mesh panels for ventilation and to keep out bugs. The rainfly is waterproof and UV-resistant. The tent features a lantern loop, and weighs 9.26 pounds.

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Cold as Ice: The 20 Best Coolers

best coolers

We understand that the new modern rugged cooler style is a direct reflection of your personality.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be the guy that shows up to the tailgate with the leaky Styrofoam cooler from the convenient store.

The new era of outdoor coolers are made to take a beating. So, whether you’re looking for a cooler that you can take on your next paddle boarding trip, an insulated cooler for your deer hunting weekend, or a giant cooler to hold all your cold beer on your weekend camping trip; we’ve hand-picked the best cooler for every occasion, and every event in between.

The Best Coolers

the best coolers yeti 45

Yeti Tundra 45

  Editors Choice  

The Yeti Tundra 45 is a tremendous cooler for fishing trips and weekend adventures. Its 45 ounce size is perfect for most shorter outdoor adventures. It holds about 26 cans at the recommended 2:1 ice to content ratio. It measures 17 x 19 x 23 inches, which means it can fit into your kayak yet still give you enough space to store your food or your daily catch. It’s rotomolded construction means that it is bombproof-you can stand and cast all day long on top of the cooler and not harm it one bit. Have no fear that your food will get cold inside either-the PermaFrost insulation and ColdLock gasket means that your drinks will stay frosty for days. The hinges and latching system are also top-quality, which sets it apart from many other coolers, where these systems are often the first to fail. You will pay quite a bit for this cooler, but you can rest easy knowing you will get a long-lasting, quality product.

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(* Price as of July 23, 2017 - 10:42 pm – Details)

the best coolers rtic 65


 Best for Camping 

The RTIC 65 Cooler is one that you want to buy if you are a hunter, fisherman, or just need to keep a lot of beer cold for a big tailgate. The cooler has a capacity of 65 quarts, which means it can hold 64 12-ounce cans, 70 pounds of ice, or 16.25 gallons of water. While it is a large-capacity cooler, one person is still able to carry it. It will keep your drinks or your fish cold-ice will stay frozen for 10 days! When you need to drain water from the cooler, the v-drain system means you don’t have to lift the cooler to drain the water. The RTIC 65 is a very robust cooler. It uses rotomolded construction, which is the same process used to make kayaks. Molded tie-down slots allow you to fasten the cooler to your truck bed or boat. RTIC keeps the price down by selling direct to the consumer through their own website or via Amazon. That means you can’t just stop by the local store, take a look at a cooler, and pick one up in the same day. But the savings are worth it.

from $399.99*
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(* Price as of July 23, 2017 - 6:53 pm – Details)

the best coolers coleman classic

Coleman Classic 54

 Best for Tailgating 

This cooler is a classic, first developed over 60 years ago. It is a great cooler for bringing to a tailgate-it can hold up to 85 cans and it is tall enough to fit a 2-liter bottle inside. This cooler is strong enough to sit on while you enjoy one of your cold beverages. The latch and the handles are made of stainless steel. (Although some customers think that the latch is not as effective as the older Coleman latches). It has a channel drain to pour out water without having to tilt the cooler. This is certainly a cooler to check out if you are looking to get value for your money. It will keep your drinks cool for a weekend, is only 19 pounds for easy maneuverability, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

from $63.09*
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(* Price as of July 24, 2017 - 12:08 am – Details)

the best coolers orca 58


 Best for Traveling 

If your refrigerator fails and you need make sure that your food doesn’t spoil while you get a new one, you might want to check out the Orca 58. It’s integrated insulation system can keep food at under 40 degrees Fahrenheit for six full days. At 58 quarts, you have plenty of space to hold your meat, eggs, butter, and drinks. The construction of the ORCA, including the walls, lid, and hinges, are all high-quality and durable. The semi-rigid rubber handle with nylon webbing attachments are comfortable to use, making the ORCA easy to carry. The ORCA is more cube-shaped than many comparable coolers, which means it has a smaller footprint, but is a bit taller. Some people had issues with how the lid snapped shut, but if you don’t mind that (and can afford the price tag) the ORCA is a great cooler choice. Plus you can customize the color scheme and the latches are shaped like little whale tails!

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(* Price as of July 23, 2017 - 10:04 pm – Details)

the best coolers grizzly

Grizzly 15

 Best for the Beach 

The Grizzly 15 is a smart choice for a personal cooler. Made in the USA out of rotationally molded plastic, these coolers are certified bear resistant. This can come in handy anywhere you might find a bear, but especially out west. The Grizzly is tough and durable with a lifetime warranty. The ice retention time is over four days long, which is more than adequate for a long weekend trip. It has an oversized drain to pour water out after your ice has melted. The Grizzly has a ruler on top of the lid, which is a feature that fishermen will enjoy. The latches are of high quality and keep the lid on securely. The only issue with the Grizzly 15 is that the molded handles are a bit small, but that is just a minor blemish.

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(* Price as of July 23, 2017 - 6:53 pm – Details)

the best coolers coleman 50qt

Coleman 50 Quart

 Best for the Boat 

The Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme Cooler is one you want when you need to stock up on drinks but also need to move it around by yourself. The telescopic handle and wheels allow you to maneuver the cooler around effectively, although some customers have said that the handle does not allow them to push the cooler as much as they would like. The Xtreme is plenty big, holding 84 cans in one of four beverage wells. The insulation is good for the money-your drinks will stay cold for a weekend but if you need to keep your fish on ice while out in the backcountry you might want to check out something higher end. The lid is solid enough to support 250 pounds, and it also features four drink holders.

from $41.76*
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(* Price as of July 23, 2017 - 11:24 pm – Details)

the best coolers yeti roadie 20

YETI Roadie 20

 Best for the Money 

The Yeti Roadie is a 20-quart cooler designed for one or two people. You get the traditional Yeti quality-roto-molded construction, long ice retention time, heavy-duty hinges, tough latches, and freezer-quality gasket. The cooler comes with a drainage system, tie-down slots, and is bear resistant. It can hold 14 cans of beer at the recommend 2:1 beer to ice ratio, or more if you go a bit lighter on the ice. At 15 pounds the cooler is on the heavier side, but that is what you get with thick, roto-molded walls filled with insulation. One issue with the Roadie is a question of value. It is easier to justify purchasing an expensive cooler when it is a large cooler, designed for tailgating, hunting, or fishing. But do you really need a high-end, expensive cooler for a single person? If your answer is yes, then check out the Roadie.

from $198.79*
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(* Price as of May 30, 2017 - 2:15 pm – Details)

the best coolers igloo 120

Igloo Polar Cooler

 Best for Holding Ice 

Sometimes even a 60 or 70-quart cooler is not enough for a weekend. Maybe you a throwing a tailgate for what seems like the entire university. Perhaps all of your family is in town-including those third cousins. Or is Labor Day at your house. The Igloo Polar 120 Quart Cooler can hold 188 cans, and is rated to keep ice for 5 days. It has a threaded drain plug where you can hook up your hose for easy draining. When you are not getting a drink out of the cooler, you can use it as a seat. And at 19 pounds it won’t break your back carrying it around, and it won’t break your wallet, either. Customers have complained about the hinges being cheap and flimsy, so that is a concern to watch for. If they do give out you can order replacement hinges.

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the best coolers pelican progear elite

Pelican ProGear Elite

 Best Cooler with Wheels 

The Pelican ProGear is a great cooler to have on the dock or on a boat. The wheels make it easy to move, yet the raised feet underneath the cooler means that you don’t need to rest the cooler on the wheels. This is a very rugged cooler and featured 2-inch polyurethane insulation, which means your food and drink will stay cold. The ProGear Elite comes with an extended drain plug that can be attached to a garden hose. This makes it easier to drain from your car. The lid is released by pressing a button, and engages by just pushing the lid down. The latches are high quality hard molded plastic. The handles are also made of hard plastic, which evenly distribute weight for ease in carrying. That is good, because the ProGear is a heavy cooler.

from $331.96*
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(* Price as of July 23, 2017 - 1:01 pm – Details)

the best coolers igloo yukon edition

Igloo Yukon Cold Locker

 Best Marine Cooler 

This is a very easy to use cooler, with a lid that stays open, simple latches, and a great drainage hole. The drainage plug is attached with a long metal leash, and can be put up and away around the handle of the cooler. The Igloo Yukon is a very rugged, durable cooler designed for long-term fishing and hunting trips. The handles are large and molded into the body of the cooler. It features dual/reversible skid/anti-skid pads, UV-inhibitors to protect against wear from the sun, and stainless steel pins and hinges to prevent rust. The reversible skid pads allow you to slide it across a surface or keep it stationary. Some customers did find that while the Yukon did keep products cold longer than a regular cooler, it did not keep things as cold as other similarly priced coolers.

from $290.46*
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(* Price as of July 23, 2017 - 10:42 pm – Details)

the best coolers pelican elite 35

ProGear Elite 35

 Best Campsite Cooler 

The ProGear Elite is a rugged and tough cooler that can get banged up and still work. The handles and tie-downs are all molded in, and the latches are high quality and really fasten the lid to the body of the cooler. It has a sloped bottom which comes in handy when draining water, as the cooler is heavy. You can attach a hose to the cooler as well to help drain. It is certified to be bear proof, which can come in handy in certain areas of the country. It is an excellent insulator, and is rated to keep ice for 10 days. Some people have found that the lid seal could fit better and sometimes water does slosh out, which is unfortunate in a cooler with a high price tag. Still, the ProGear does have many quality features that you will enjoy.

from $207.02*
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(* Price as of July 23, 2017 - 10:53 pm – Details)

the best coolers engel cool drybox

Engel Dry Box

 Best River Floating Cooler 

Looking for a cooler to keep your drinks cold for a day on the water, but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Do you need a sturdy product to keep your electronics dry while on the water? You can have both with the Engel Cooler/Dry Box. It’s not as insulated as a high-end cooler like a Yeti or RTIC, yet the Engel does come with about ¾ inch foam insulation-enough to keep your beverages cold all day. Plus, it has features normally found on more expensive coolers, such as stainless steel hinges and a thick, airtight EVA gasket. It also has an interior tray to put items that you might not want to get wet but do want to keep cool, such as sandwiches. The Engel also doubles as a Dry Box to keep items dry up to three feet. It also floats, so go head and put your cell phone in the cooler, drop it overboard, and you can still retrieve it from the water, open it up, and make calls. It will not keep your food and drinks cold for a multi-day trip, but it also is much less expensive than many top of the line coolers.

from $49.99*
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(* Price as of July 23, 2017 - 3:22 pm – Details)

the best coolers ingloo glide pro

Igloo Glide PRO

 Best Hot Weather Cooler 

Most coolers with wheels are on the small or medium size, but not the Glide PRO. You can fit 168 12-oz cans in this big boy, yet still use the telescoping handle to move it around. The Glide Pro utilizes a “slide and lock” horizontal handle technology to give you better leverage and reduce lifting load. You also have gear hangers on the handle to help you move your bags and totes. The cooler itself is rated to keep ice for five days at 90 degrees, so it still keeps your drinks and food cool. For the angler, it has a ruler built into the top of the lid to quickly measure your catch. Some customers have complained that the latch on the lid does not close the lid tightly enough, but if you are looking for a large wheeled cooler the Glide Pro could be the one for you.

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the best coolers party stacker

Coleman Party Stacker

 Best Big Event Cooler 

The Coleman Party Stacker is the perfect cooler if you have limited space and only need to keep your things cold for a day. At around 8x13x22 inches, this guy can fit in small places that most other coolers cannot. You can stack several coolers on top of one another when you get to your destination Each Party Stacker is designed to fit a 13×9 casserole tray or 24 cans. Some people use this cooler for Sous Vide cooking instead of as a cooler, so it is very versatile. Don’t expect to keep things cold for long in the Party Stacker. This cooler is light on insulation, so you will only get several hours to a day before your ice melts. But as it is inexpensive, and designed for portability and parties, that should not be a major concern.

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(* Price as of July 23, 2017 - 1:45 am – Details)

the best coolers deep blue

Engel Deep Blue

 Best for Kayaking 

The Engel Deep Blue is a very solid, durable, high-end cooler. Certified bear-resistant, this cooler can take out all the punishment you can imagine. Constructed out of roto-molded plastic, the Deep Blue also features two inches of insulation. Engel claims up to 10 days’ ice retention. Testing doesn’t indicate that the Blue always reaches this level, but ice retention of 6 or 7 days has been reported, which is usually more than adequate for most people. The gaskets are all-silicon for an airtight seal. The hinges and latches work very well, and the lid stays open while you are looking for a drink inside. The hard-plastic handles, which are connected by a rope, are a bit uncomfortable-they are a bit oddly spaced and pinch somewhat. However, you do get a bottle opener with the Deep Blue, meaning you don’t have to make an emergency run to the corner store when you are out!

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(* Price as of July 23, 2017 - 2:41 pm – Details)

the best coolers k2 summit

K2 Summit Cooler

 Best for Backpacking 

This 20-quart cooler is made of roto-molded construction and features a 7-year warranty. It is priced lower than many other roto-molded coolers, so those for whom price is a concern should check this cooler out. The K2 Summit is one of the few hard coolers which gives you a shoulder strap, which provides a convenient way of carrying the cooler. The 20-quart size is good for one or two people out on a day trip or perhaps an overnighter. It can hold 14 cans plus ice. Most customers have had no problems with ice retention, but a few have had issues with the cooler keeping ice. It does seem to work better if pre-chilled. As with other roto-molded coolers, it is heavier than traditional coolers but you get better insulation and durability to make up for the extra weight.

from $145.92*
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the best coolers canyon coolers

Canyon Coolers 55qt

The Canyon Outfitter is designed from roto-molded plastic like many other high-end coolers are, but thinner walls allow for a weight savings of 5 pounds compared to the Yeti Tundra. You still get a quality product with lots of features. It is bear-resistant, has a locking lid, excellent hinges, tie-down anchoring points, and rubber non-skid feet. It is designed to be easy to get in and out of vehicles, even by one person. The Outfitter can hold 46 cans and ice. Canyon does list its ice retention as 5 to 14 days. While such a range sounds overly large, you can count on at least a four-day weekend of cold beverages. It does come with a lifetime warranty, which will give you peace of mind in case anything goes wrong.

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(* Price as of July 23, 2017 - 6:53 pm – Details)

the best coolers sportsman

Igloo Sportsman 55qt

The Igloo Sportsman is constructed out of roto-molded plastic, but without the price tag of a YETI or ORCA. It will keep ice for several days and features an oversized, tethered drain plug for easy water drainage. Non-skid feet will help keep your cooler safe and secure on the deck of your boat or truck, while a built-in ruler will measure your catch. The Sportsman features double-pin hinges rather than the more reliable single pin hinge. Weighing in at a smidge under 27 pounds, the Igloo is still a couple of pounds lighter than the YETI Tundra. If you are looking for a quality high-capacity cooler, but don’t want to break the bank, a Sportsman might be the choice for you.

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the best coolers tailgate

Grizzly Coolers Tailgate

If you are going out for a week-long hunting trip or just need to make sure that all your beer stays cold during an early September tailgate, the Grizzly Tailgating Cooler is for you. Built out of tough, durable, roto-molded plastic and featuring a molded-in hinge with a stainless-steel pin, this cooler can take a lot of punishment. It can hold 84 cans with 20 pounds of ice, and that ice will last up to 10 days. It is made in the USA and you get a lifetime warranty with it. Two rope handles make it easy for two people to carry, while the drain channels and large drain plug insure that water gets out of the cooler quickly. You will have to pay a pretty penny for this cooler, so if you are looking for a bargain keep looking. But if you want a long-term cooler the Grizzly is an excellent choice.

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the best coolers esky

Coleman Esky Series 85

If you can get some help to deal with the 42 pounds that the Esky 85 weighs, you will have a huge cooler to store your catch, kill, or beverages for 8 days. The Esky keeps things cold with 2.5 inches of lid and floor insulation, and 2 inches of sidewall insulation. When you do catch your fish, you can use the ruler to make sure it is legal and the integrated cutting board to fillet your fish right there. The cutting board and the liner are also antimicrobial treated to keep the cooler smelling fresh and fungus free. Dual drains mean you can get water out fast-you can even attach a hose to help you out. Don’t worry about taking this cooler out to bear country either-it is certified bear resistant.

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The LAD Weather Watch

[LAD WEATHER] German Sensor Digital Compass Altimeter / Barometer/ Weather Forecast/ Multi function/ Outdoor Climbing/running/walking Sport Watch

*$45.00 on Amazon
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(*as of July 23, 2017 - 11:24 pm – Details)

There is no beating around the bush, this watch just looks awesome right out of the box. The LAD Watch is as functional as it is beautiful. The watch offers 7 different color options to makes sure your style stays intact. The watch is a great companion for hikers and outdoorsman alike featuring functions like the Weather forecast, an accurate altimeter, barometer, digital compass, thermometer, and chronograph. Obviously carries all the basic functionality of watches with the added functionality of a calendar and multiple alarm settings.


Weather Forecast – Will show you a variation of Sunny or Cloudy and Clear or Raining.

Altimeter – Not only shows your current height above sea level but it tracks your heights across the distances you’re traveling in linear graph form.

Barometer – Shows you the sea level pressure over time as well. Can be very useful at sensing upcoming storms rolling in.

Digital Compass – The compass uses Magnetic Declination to help you find true north using the earths magnetic field.

Thermometer – Can tell you the outside temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius

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Night Light: The 10 Best Camping Lanterns

Star light, star bright, sometimes stars aren’t enough to see well at night.

And that’s why lanterns have been synonymous with camping since the very beginning. Lucky for you, LED technology has made its way into these modern lanterns making them not only super illuminating, but also incredibly energy efficient.

When looking at camping lanterns they all can start looking the same, we’ve hand picked the list of 10 below mainly based on illimination, and battery life. Here are the best camping lanterns that you need to have before you head out for your next outdoor adventure.

The Best Camping Lanterns

best camping lantern mallome

Mallome LED

  Editors Choice  

The MalloMe LED Camping Lantern is an ultra bright lantern that belongs nowhere else but in the great outdoors on your next camping trip. Build out of military grade ABS, this is a lantern that is built to last you for a long time. The three hundred and sixty degree 146 lumen LED camping lantern also ensures proper visibility even when in pitch black darkness. The LED bulb has a total lifespan of over one hundred thousand hours, which is simply incredibly for any camping lantern. For transportation and storage purposes, the MalloMe is easily collapsible into a smaller bundle. The MalloMe is available in two different colors: bright yellow or neon pink. Either will work well for anything from a power outage to a vehicle emergency light kit to a camping light or a lantern for your bug out bag. This lantern is powered by AA batteries (which are cheap and easy to find), although the batteries will need to be bought separately.

$19.99 (as of July 23, 2017 - 3:41 pm)
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Best Camping Lantern #2 - Apolled

Apolled LED

If you’re on the market for a camping lantern that is lightweight, water resistant, scratch proof, and highly durable, then the APPOLLED LED Lantern will be a superb option for you. This is a lantern that is designed to be carried anywhere and can sustain rough abuse thanks to its ABS build and scratch proof qualities. It’s designed for an extended life span thanks to its thirty-individual military grade LED bulbs that are powered by AA batteries with a total battery life of ten to twelve hours. Of course, a major feature that you will want to look for in a camping lantern is ease of storage and portability, and the APPOLLED excels in this department as well. This is because it is fully collapsible with a single press of a button, so there’s no need to waste your time fumbling around with it. All in all, this is a superb choice for a lantern that can be used for camping and backpacking trips, as a backup light during a power outage, or as a vehicle repair light.

$20.99 (as of July 23, 2017 - 6:53 pm)
Buy Now: Amazon ➔

Best Camping Lantern #6 - Etrends Lantern

E-Trends Tent Bulbs

Even though outdoor lanterns are commonly marketed as ‘camping lanterns,’ keep in mind that that doesn’t at all mean that you absolutely have to use your lantern for camping. You can just as easily use it for hunting, backpacking, fishing as a backup light in the event that your home electricity gets shut off, or as a light to keep in your vehicle for emergencies. Regardless, it’s important that your lantern is built to high standards o you can ensure it will last you for a long period of time, and the E-Trends Portable LED Lantern is built with some of the best quality materials on the market to guarantee proper water resistance, optimum reliability, and maximum durability. The E-Trends is also a highly convenient lantern thanks to its sturdy hanging hook design that is designed to attach to any elevated position. It offers 150 lumens on its high setting that will easily illuminate your entire campsite.

from $9.99 (as of July 23, 2017 - 12:42 pm)
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Best Camping Lantern #3 - Von Bright

Vont Bright LED

One of the brightest camping lanterns currently available on the market is the Vont Bright Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern. The reason this lantern is so bright is thanks to its thirty different premium LED bulbs that ensures maximum lighting. You would think that a lantern putting out so much light would naturally have a shorter battery life, but the reality is that the Vont will provide you with over twelve hours of lighting, which is an equal battery life to many less bright lanterns on the market. That being said, the brightness is also fully adjustable, so by setting it to a lower standard you will increase battery life even more. In terms of strength and durability, the Vont is built out of military grade plastic and metal materials, with the plastic being water resistant. This makes the Vont a perfect choice for taking out into harsh conditions with you on a camping, hiking, or backpacking trip. Another nice added aspect bout the Vont is how it is very easily collapsible it is for storage and transportation.

$13.44 (as of July 23, 2017 - 9:41 pm)
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Best Camping Lantern #4 - Elekcity

Elekcity LED

If you had to make a list of qualities and features that you would want in a camping lantern, you would probably have brightness, durability, and portability at the top of that list, right? If so, the Etekcity Portable Outdoor Led Camping Lantern will be a superb option for you. This is a military grade lantern, which promises long term durability regardless of where you take it. The brightness comes from thirty separate LED bulbs that ensure an overall longer lifespan, and also offers three hundred and sixty degrees of luminous light. The Etekcity is powered with AA batteries that are designed to last up to a minimum of twelve hours before needing to be replaced. The Etekcity is also incredibly portable and convenient thanks to its lightweight that permits you to take it literally anywhere with ease. When you’re not using it, you can quickly collapse it into a more compact size that takes up preciously little space in storage.

$25.99 (as of July 23, 2017 - 6:53 pm)
Buy Now: Amazon ➔

Best Camping Lantern - AYL 330

AYL 330

The AYL Starlight 330 Camping Lantern will light up your outdoor adventures and any other activities that you embark on with an LED bulb that has a total output of over 600 lumens, which simply makes it one of the brightest camping lights currently available on the market. What’s more, is that this bulb has a guaranteed shelf life of over one hundred thousand hours, and can be set to three separate lighting modes: flashing strobe, low, and high. All you need to do is simply cycle the switch button on the side to alternate between these three modes. The AYL can also provide you with three hundred and sixty degree lighting, but if that’s too much light for you can remove it to make your lighting more focused. But another really nice feature that this lantern has is a green LED indicator on the side that will allow you to locate the lantern even when it’s shut off during the dark. What’s more, is that all of this is encased in a watertight body that utilizes rubber and plastic molding to ensure the highest level of water resistance that you could ask for in a camping lantern.

$20.99 (as of July 22, 2017 - 12:44 am)
Buy Now: Amazon ➔

Best Camping Lantern #5 - TQUNES

Tquens L400

The Tquens L400 Camping Lantern is a very lightweight and bright lantern that is designed specifically to be carried on each of your camping adventures. The 120 lumen light is powered by three AA batteries, and is sure to shine brightly and remain functioning highly at night. AA batteries are a superb choice for any camping lantern because they are extremely common and can be bought in bulk. But the real standout of the Tquens is how it manages to be so strong and resilient despite also being lightweight. The Tquens weighs a mere 0.67 pounds and yet is fully water resistant and shock proof; it has been tested to withstand drops of 1.2 meters without sustaining any damage. The metal brackets on the side of the lantern are expandable and designed to keep it hanging from elevated paces, which definitely enhances its overall versatility.

$8.99 (as of July 23, 2017 - 7:49 pm)
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Best Camping Lantern AYL 790


The AYL Camping LED DL790 Lantern is unique in that it is a 2-in-1 outdoor product: it’s both a lantern and a flashlight at the same time. This will be great from a convenience standpoint since you won’t necessarily need to carry both a flashlight and a lantern with you on your next outdoor trip. Ideal for any outdoor or indoor use, this lantern provides you a maximum of seven hundred lumens of light while the flashlight provides you with ninety lumens of light, which is simply astonishing for a handheld lantern. What’s better, is that this lantern is designed to deliver that level of light for over twenty-one hours of continuous operation. It’s powered by three D batteries for the lantern and then three AAA batteries for the flashlight part (however, the batteries are not included with the package). The DL790 allows you to choose between three separate modes: one hundred percent brightness for illuminating your whole flashlight, fifty percent for more focused lighting (such as when you need to repair a vehicle or read a book) and red strobe light mode. A retractable hook is hidden into the body, but can be quickly pulled out and used for hanging from elevated positions. Built to the highest tolerances to IPX4 standards, the AYL DL790 is sure to last you for many years to come.

$20.99 (as of July 22, 2017 - 12:44 am)
Buy Now: Amazon ➔

Browon LED

Another LED camping lantern that is built using premium materials is the Browon Camping LED Solar Rechargeable Lantern, which represents a solid choice for any outdoor enthusiasts looking for a camping lantern. The Browon has been thoroughly tested by Browon ambassadors to be a suitable choice for anything and everything from mountaineering to camping to backyards and patio use. But as the name of this lantern suggests, the Browon is solar rechargeable, which means that you’re not depending on batteries to keep this battery going. That being said, batteries are still an option for powering the Browon and it takes three AAA batteries in a backup compartment. Durability is a major concern that you must have with any camping lantern, and the Browon is encased in a water resistant collapsible outer shell that offers you maximum protection and water resistance. The folding handle system on the Browon also allows you to hang it from any elevated system, while you can control the brightness level with a switch on the side. Last but not least, the Browon also comes equipped with an emergency USB charger for charging other electronic devices, which is a nice feature that not too many camping lanterns can claim to have.

from $39.95 (as of July 24, 2017 - 12:08 am)
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Best Camping Lantern Lightouch

Lightouch LED

First of all, the LighTouch Camping Led Lantern is one of the most compact camping lanterns currently available on the market. It measures just two inches tall when it is collapsed with a three and a half inch diameter. Total weight is just four ounces. In other words, you’ll be able to fold up with the LighTouch to an incredible small size for storage and transportation, and you’ll hardly notice its size or weight. The LighTouch has a total output of thirty lumens with a battery life of fifteen hours, so you still won’t want to underestimate its capabilities despite its small size. However, battery life is extended to thirty hours when the light level is reduced to fifteen lumens, or twenty three hours when set to strobe. The LighTouch is powered with six AA batteries, which is a great choice due to how cheap and commonplace they are. The design of this lantern consists of a strong military grade ABS material that has rubber oil coated to the surface to increase its lifespan and make it truly unbreakable. All in all, this will be a superb choice for a lantern for camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, or sailing.

$12.99 (as of July 23, 2017 - 1:35 pm)
Buy Now: Amazon ➔

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Lounge Around: The 10 Best Outdoor Inflatable Loungers

You feel that in the air?

That warm breeze blowing through the air, warming up the water. That’s Summertime friend, it’s finally upon us.

What better way to enjoy the warmer days, and longer nights ahead than with the very definition of relaxation: The Inflatable Lounger.

Outdoor inflatable loungers are the perfect way to enjoy any outdoor setting you can think of. These blow-up taco shaped sofas take lounging to a new level, with some being able to hold up to 450 pounds, or one mother in-law.

Since these are relatively new products there has been a swarm of poorly made knock-offs making their way onto different big retailers leading to some pretty bad reviews. We’ve looked through over 30+ loungers on the market and narrowed down our list of the top rated 10. Any one of these inflatables will take you from novice to expert in relaxation, and make a great gift for any ocasion.

The Best Inflatable Loungers

Anviker Lounger

  Editors Choice  

While an inflatable lounger can certainly be a very relaxing thing to have on a hot summer’s day, it can also be irritating if the sun is beating down over your eyes and you don’t have any kind of shade. Anviker recognized this problem, which is exactly why they have installed their inflatable lounger with a sun canopy that will fully protect your face from the sunshine and allow you to read, sleep, or just enjoy time with your friends and family. But even if you don’t want the canopy, it is still easily detachable. Additional features of the Anviker that you are sure to like include the bottle opener located on the end of the lounger, and anchor loop to prevent it from blowing away in high winds, and three different sizes of pockets on the side for you to store your drinks, books, or even your phone. This lounger also comes with a sweet American Flag option available from Amazon. The Anviker Inflatable Lounger sells with a one year warranty and a thirty day money back guarantee.

MSRP: List price not available (as of May 1, 2017 - 10:43 pm)
Check Price: Amazon ➔

Apow 2nd Gen.

Let’s say on a warm summer’s day you decide to set out your lounger in your pool or in the lake. Everything is going smoothly…until you realize that you forgot your air pump to inflate the lounger. Fortunately, the Apow Inflatable Lounger 2nd Generation does not require an air pump in order to inflate, and furthermore, it can be inflated very quickly in only a matter of minutes. This is made possible by simply taking out the bag and holding it against the wind; the lounger will become filled with air very quickly. The Apow is also incredibly lightweight at just under two pounds, making it a very desirable option for storage and transportation, and yet it’s also very durable and waterproof. Apow has outfitted their lounger with a high quality PVC and polyester cloth to ensure strength; in fact, you can lay this lounger out on grass, sand, or even pavement and it won’t pop. The strength of this lounger is also attestable to the fact that it can easily hold up to three hundred and fifty pounds, which should be sufficient strength for at least two people.

MSRP: $69.99 (as of April 27, 2017 - 2:04 pm)
Check Price: Amazon ➔

Whozzu Air Lounger

Whozzu has built this to be the ultimate air lounger on the market, thanks to their rip-stop nylon fabric that is both durable and tear resistant. Heavy duty materials of course do not translate to this lounger being heavy, as the whole lounger weighs only around two and a half pounds. The Whozzu also features two pockets located on the sides for storing whatever you bring with you on your outdoor adventure including a bottle, phone, book, or magazine. Whozzu supplies this air lounger with a carrier bag for storage purposes, and makes portability incredibly easy. As with the previous models of inflatable loungers we have examined, the Whozzu does not require an air pump in order to inflate and can be inflated in a matter of seconds by simply holding it against the wind. Whozzu backs up their quality with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee with each lounger sold.

MSRP: List price not available (as of April 27, 2017 - 2:04 pm)
Check Price: Amazon ➔

Chillbo Baggins

Sometimes you find just the right lounger that you want or need, only for it not to be available in the colors that you wanted. If this has ever happened to you, you’ll be glad to hear that the Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounge gives you options with seven separate color combinations. But the features of the Chillbo do not end there. This lounger ships with an elastic anchor that will allow you to stake down your lounge when it’s windy outside. Several pockets of varying sizes located on the side will allow you to hold snacks, drinks, your glasses, books, or your phone or tablet. As with the Apow, the Chillbo also does not require a pump to inflate. Only a couple scoops of air are all that is needed to fill it up and get it inflated. When inflated, the Chillbo will can hold over four hundred pounds of weight, even though the lounge itself weighs only three pounds. But when not inflated, the Chillbo can be folded and compressed into dimensions of just thirteen by seven by three and a half inches, which is perfect for storage.

MSRP: List price not available (as of July 23, 2017 - 10:04 pm)
Check Price: Amazon ➔

Cloud 9 Lounger

The Cloud 9 Air Product Delux Inflatable Lounger is a highly rated lounger on the market for its high-quality materials, deluxe features, and ease of setting up. When purchasing any inflatable lounger, if you want it to last you for several years you must avoid low quality materials at all costs. You can put these fears to reset with the Cloud 9, however, because it’s build with premium 210 thread, rip-stop nylon, and waterproof qualities to ensure it lasts you for a long time. Additional features that the Cloud 9 comes with that you’ll probably like includes an acrylic tent stake for securing the lounger on windy days, a bottle opener for opening an ice cold fresh beer or soda, an anchor loop, and side pockets for holding your books, sunglasses, drinks, and phone. In other words, the Cloud 9 comes installed with virtually everything that you could ask for on an inflatable lounger while also knowing that you’ll be using it several years down the road thanks to its strong build and durability.

MSRP: List price not available (as of April 5, 2017 - 1:49 am)
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Homeme Couch

If you’re looking for an inflatable lounger that can hold a lot of weight, you’d be hard pressed to look past the Homeme Inflatable Lounger Couch. Even though this couch is incredibly lightweight at less than two pounds, it’s also built out of very durable and resistant nylon that can easily hold up to four hundred and fifty pounds. When unfolded, the Homeme will measure eight feet by two and a half feet, but when folded will be only fourteen by nine by three inches. In other words, this is a lounger built for rugged use and is one that you can take with you virtually anywhere, including on camping trips or outdoor parks. You can use it as anything and everything from an inflatable lounge to a hammock to a lazy bag to an air sofa on more. The Homeme features two pockets on the right sides for you to store magazines, books, phones, tablets, or sunglasses. No pump is needed to fill the Homeme up with air, as just a quick breeze of air is all that is needed to fill it up. In fact, the Homeme has been tested to only take eight seconds to fill over eighty percent of the air needed to get full inflation. But even if you’re not satisfied with the Homeme for whatever reason, you can easily return it to them for a one hundred percent refund.

MSRP: $49.99 (as of July 23, 2017 - 6:53 pm)
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Inhabit Outdoor Lounger

In general, what would you say the four most qualities are to look for in an inflatable lounger? Most people would probably agree that those four most important qualities are durability, portability, ergonomic, and being easy to inflate. The Inhabit Outdoor Supply Inflatable Lounger matches all three of these qualities quite easily. It is built out of a 210T parachute nylon material to ensure that it will remain inflated for a longer period than most other loungers in its class. The Inhabit Outdoor Supply also weighs less than three pounds, which is great for portability, and yet can hold up to four hundred pounds. Ergonomics are also important with loungers, and the Inhabit Outdoor Supply Lounger features pockets drink holders that are very easy to reach and allow you to store whatever you bring with you on your outdoor adventure. Finally, being able to inflate your lounger quickly is another very nice feature to have, and the Inhabit Outdoor Supply can inflate in less than a minute without an air pump required. Simply open the bag towards the wind and then seal it up with the durable straps provided.

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NewNomad Inflatable

The NewNomad Inflatable Lounge Chair is yet another option for those looking for an inflatable lounge that offers just the right combination of quality, comfort, portability, and being easy to inflate. The NewNomad is constructed out of a very high density and quality micro-poly yarn, with stitching that has been reinforced three times at the seam. These qualities together mean that the NewNomad is capable of holding up to four hundred and twenty-five pounds of weight. At the same time, inner bag thickness of .6 µm stops air leakage for an extended period of time. What’s also nice is how the NewNomad is constructed entirely out of non-toxic materials as well. The NewNomad is capable of being inflated in just a matter of seconds. All you need to do is open it against the wind and allow it to inflate on its own. No other tools are needed. Being very lightweight at just over three pounds, you will find that the NewNomad is incredibly easy to carry and transport around with you. As the term ‘NewNomad’ suggests, you’ll be able to take it anywhere with you including to the beach, to the park, on a camping trip, at a music festival, or to the pool. The choice is yours.

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Senqiao Deep Lounger

The Senqiao Inflatable Lounger Outdoor is a two-and-a-half-pound inflatable lounger capable of holding four hundred and eight five pounds, which easily makes it one of the strongest loungers available on the market. In fact, a lounger of that strength could essentially be used as an entire raft if you needed it to. The Senqiao has three pockets that are located on all different sides of the couch. The left two pockets are designed to hold a phone, tablet, or similar electronic device while the right pocket is designed to hold a beverage bottle. The Senqiao is incredibly easy to inflate and has been tested to become fully inflated in less than ten seconds when held and opened against the wind. It has also been tested to remain fully inflated for up to eight hours, which is much higher than many other models of inflatable lounges that necessitate being re-inflated at shorter intervals than that. The reason why the Senqiao can go so long without need to be re-inflated is because of the elastic PC strip installed on the seams that contrasts with the weaker PPT strip used by other manufacturers.

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StockVic Lounger

It’s always nice when an inflatable lounger sells with a storage bag for storing and transportation, right? The StockVic Inflatable Lounger sells with a 3-pound handy storage bag with dimensions of twenty-four by seven by thirty-seven centimeters. And while the StockVic is designed to be folded into these dimensions when not inflated, when unfolded it will measure up to a hundred and ninety centimeters long and eight centimeters wide. The materials used for the StockVic are very lightweight and yet also durable. They are noted for their decent abrasion resistance. This means you could lay out the StockVic over virtually any surface that doesn’t have sharp edges, such a lawn, pavement, or a beach, and you won’t have to worry about it popping. The seal belt and the air chamber are both durable and constructed out of non-toxic materials so they will be environmentally friendly. The weaving on the seams ensures that there will be very minimal air leakage. As an added bonus, the StockVic has eight different options for color combination, so you’ll be able to choose one according to your personal taste.

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