REVIEW: The Suunto Core Watch

About The Suunto Core Altimeter Watch

Picture this: You’re 3 days in to your 5-day expedition, cutting through the thickest most beautiful wilderness, when the barometric pressure starts to change and the storm alarm goes off to alert you well ahead of the massive storm rolling through so you are fully unpacked and securely sheltered before it even hits. Congrats, you just outsmarted nature.

The Suunto Core Watch combines style and functionality perfectly. There are many reasons why this watch made our list of best altimeter watches. The robust technology packed into this watch may help save backpackers or a hiker’s lives.

Key Specs

  • Temperature Compensation
  • Total Accent / Decent
  • Guided Calibration
  • Cardinal Settings
  • Bearing Tracking
  • Literally 50 Other specs…

    What We Liked

    Out of the box this watch just looks awesome. The big face of this watch is not only eye catching but it is a great for being able to simply glance down and see what you need to see without bumbling through settings. The Suunto core is feature packed with technology once reserved for watches 5 times its price. It has an altimeter, which tracks your vertical ascent, a barometer to ensure you’re always ahead of the weather, a sunrise/sunset predictor to help hikers maximize their hikes, and yes it even tells the time!

    What We Didn’t

    Overall this watch outperforms in every category, but there are a few things that we feel could be improved before the next core series is released. The maximum use on this watch can take a major toll on the battery life. Even without the major functions such as the barometer and compass turned on, that seems to be the synonymous complaint is the battery life. Along with that the backlit settings of the watch can make it somewhat difficult to see in the twilight hours of the night.

    Caring for your Suunto Core

    There isn’t much you need to do to care for your Suunto Core, it can take quite a beating. Where you can prolong the life and functionality of this watch is with taking care of the buttons. The 5 exterior buttons can become jammed up if you’re constantly in the elements. To ensure that this doesn’t happen buying a can of compressed air to spray out the face and around the buttons will go a long way with keeping your Suunto functioning properly.

    Who’s The Suunto Core Watch For?

    Hikers, Fisherman, Preppers, any outdoorsman will find the functionality of the Suunto Core beyond their expectations. If you’re looking for a weather forecast, it has it. If you’re needing an altimeter/barometer for your hikes, it has it. If you’re needing a depth finder, it even has that. This watches technology will make you master of the outdoors. If you’re going to be spending any amount of time outdoors exploring the wilderness, the Suunto Core is for you.

    Our Ratings

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