The LAD Weather Watch

[LAD WEATHER] German Sensor Digital Compass Altimeter / Barometer/ Weather Forecast/ Multi function/ Outdoor Climbing/running/walking Sport Watch

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There is no beating around the bush, this watch just looks awesome right out of the box. The LAD Watch is as functional as it is beautiful. The watch offers 7 different color options to makes sure your style stays intact. The watch is a great companion for hikers and outdoorsman alike featuring functions like the Weather forecast, an accurate altimeter, barometer, digital compass, thermometer, and chronograph. Obviously carries all the basic functionality of watches with the added functionality of a calendar and multiple alarm settings.


Weather Forecast – Will show you a variation of Sunny or Cloudy and Clear or Raining.

Altimeter – Not only shows your current height above sea level but it tracks your heights across the distances you’re traveling in linear graph form.

Barometer – Shows you the sea level pressure over time as well. Can be very useful at sensing upcoming storms rolling in.

Digital Compass – The compass uses Magnetic Declination to help you find true north using the earths magnetic field.

Thermometer – Can tell you the outside temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius

Originally posted 2017-03-27 17:36:15.

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