About The Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool

The Leatherman Skeletool is one of the most unique looking multi tools to come out of the Leatherman design labs. This multi tool marries a futuristic look with their standard reliably built stainless steel adjustable tools. The Skeletool boasts 7 total tools (Needlenose Pliers, Regular Pliers, Hard-wire Cutters, Wire Cutters, 420HC Combo Knife, Carabiner/Bottle Opener, Large Bit Driver) but don’t let that total make you think this multi tool is bulky, it’s anything but. Weighing just 5 ounces and having a built-in carabiner makes this ideal for hooking onto your keys.

Key Specs

  • Closed Length: 4 inches
  • Weight: 5 Inches
  • Stainless Steel Design
  • Main Tools: Blade, Pliers, Universal Bit Driver, Bottle Opener, Carabiner
  • What We Liked

    Overall this multi tool looks and functions great. We may be a little jaded, but that’s because Leatherman has yet to make a multi-tool we’ve been disappointed in. We love the look of the modern foldable design, and the fact they didn’t have to sacrifice a tool off their standard 7 to accommodate. Many multi tools are comparable in functions (sometimes even more) but where they lose the battle against the Leatherman Skeletool is in weight.

    Weighing just 5 oz. you’ll almost forget that you have it in your pocket. As with most other Leatherman’s the Skeletool can unhinge other tools from the locked or unlocked position, adding to its overall versatility. The unique built in carabiner makes sheaths and holsters outdated, making it easy to adhere to your key ring or belt loop. With the more open design of this multi tool, the chances of water and/or other gunk building up around the hinges is significantly less.

    What We Didn’t

    With the smaller lighter size of this tool, sometimes you’ll have to sacrifice some functionality. An annoyance with this tool is with the screwdriver. To accomplish the smaller design, the screwdriver bit isn’t secured with anything making it susceptible to becoming disconnected from the tool when dropped. Another common complaint (common in all Leatherman’s) is the Black CX edition’s finish will wear off easier if not properly cared for.

    Caring for your Leatherman Skeletool

    Not everyone will put their Skeletool to the test on long hiking trips and other outdoor adventures, but that doesn’t mean that they can skip routine care and maintenance to keep their tool in great shape. While the open design of this Skeletool does make it easier to resist water, moisture, and gunk; the very nature of the folding tool can build up rust and debris making it difficult to fully close the tools completely.

    To keep this tool in great shape we recommend a few things:

    • Rub down with oil consistently, and especially after being out in wet conditions
    • Depending on use, the blade will need sharpening about every 5 uses to keep the blade performing correctly.
    • Good idea to apply WD-40 to the inside tool hinges to make operating one handed easy.
    • Who’s The Leatherman Skeletool For?

      If we had to describe the Skeletool in one word it would be: Simple. The light and compact design of this tool makes it ideal for someone who is looking to put it in their cars’ console for emergencies, and robust enough for any avid hiker/backpacker to keep into their backpack for long adventure trips. Anyone looking for a great mid range multi-tool this is a great pick.

      Our Ratings

      Stainless Steel Model:

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