About The Leatherman Wave Multitool

When you think of multi-tools the Leatherman Wave multi-tool is most likely the model that comes to mind. The Wave has been Leatherman’s most popular model since it was re-designed in 2004. This Leatherman is the perfect everyday carry to keep in your pocket for any job.

It features 17 total tools (needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, wire stripper, knife, serrated knife, saw, spring action scissors, ruler, can opener, a wood/metal file, diamond coated file, large bit driver, small bit driver, medium screw driver, and hard wire cutter.) So, no matter how avid of an outdoorsman you are, this multi-tool will be able to get out of the majority of tough situations. The Leatherman Wave also comes in a stainless steal finish.

What We Liked

Besides the obvious list of 17 tools above, the multi-tool is more than just the quantity of its tools. The Leatherman Wave is extremely versatile in that you can access all the tools from the open and/or locked position. The locked position is where this multi-tool shines over other multi-tools in that every tool (except for the plier head) has a locked position mimicking the functionality of a pocket knife.

What is also impressive is that while the 17 tools on this model are rugged, Leatherman didn’t sacrifice ease of use as you can operate every feature of this model with only one hand. What also makes picking this Leatherman tool is the fact that they back this multi-tool with a 25-year guarantee.

What We Didn’t

The black model, featured in this review, is sleek however if you opt for the black oxide coating instead of this model, some of the black color may come off onto your hands on the first couple uses. This isn’t a product flaw as some users are calling it, but rather a chemical reaction of the conversion coating.

The way the black oxide is formed is by oxidizing the outer surface, essentially controlling rust. We’ve found that to control the color transfer, take a rag with WD-40 and rub thoroughly before your first use.

Who’s The Leatherman Wave For?

With 17 different foldable tools, the question becomes “who isn’t this tool for?” The Leatherman wave should be the go to pick for outdoorsman and travelers alike. This multi-tool is one of the biggest models available, but don’t let that scare you. The Wave still fill fit comfortably in your hand.

This model is a great choice for hikers and backpackers to just throw in their backpacks as there isn’t a situation that it won’t be able to handle. If you’re going to be taking it on rafting trips it’s a good idea to hook a float to the attachable ring, as you don’t want to be up a creek without a Leatherman.

Our Ratings

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